welcoming a new baby into the world.

on sunday, july 1st at 7:47PM: a new baby boy was welcomed into the world.

not just any baby, but [J]’s nephew: callen david.

[I have appointed myself his honorary aunt].

[he is the reason behind the baby shower [J] & I helped throw in May!]

we weren’t able to go the night he was born [dang hospitals and their visiting hours], but we made sure to get up bright & early, to be the first people in on monday.

we all fell in love instantly.

is there anything better than holding a brand new baby? nope.

actually, seeing [J] fall in love with his new nephew and refusing to give up his turn holding him was pretty close.

maybe someday. but until then we plan to fully enjoy everyone elses :)

congratulations jason & jen on your newest addition to your family.


they’re all coming over for dinner tonight. woooo hoooo! it’s been 2.5 days and we’re already having withdrawls. cannot wait to see baby callen & family, of course!


happy thursday all.

we’re almost to the weekend :)

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