what to bring to a cookout?

especially when the hosts say “don’t bring anything“.

I apologize, but as an invited guest to your cookout: I refuse to come empty handed.

but when this situation would arise, I’d be stumped on what to not bring.

the problem exists no longer.

firstly.. a nice, summery cocktail.

my pick: sangria.

I love using this bottled sangria. made by a favorite winery of mine: galena cellars.

just slice up some of these …

add to a pitcher of the sangria. let them magically become one in the fridge for an hour. and viola: deliciousness.

I’m a drink & dessert kind of girl.

so, the obvious next choice: cheesecake stuffed strawberries.

they are amazing magical.

[J] was eating them like pringles.

[once you pop, the fun don’t stop]

the ingredients: strawberries, cream cheese, powdered sugar, graham crackers, & vanilla extract.

hollow out the strawberries. like so :)

when you are finished, they will look like this [for a brief second, before they are devoured]:

[here is the full recipe: on iowa girl eats].

there you have it.

a summery cocktail + a fruity, decadent dessert = a happy host.

start prepping now, tomorrow is the fourth of july.

[bring on the red, white, & blue clothes I save all year long for this one day].

see ya back here tomorrow :)

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