workout essentials //

workout essentials.

the moment a girl gets engaged, she receives the best motivation to get her butt into shape or so I think.

and when [J] & I decided to have a destination wedding [on a beach], that motivation doubled tripled.

I have 8 months to look & feel better than I have ever before. for myself. my wedding dress. and my bikini.

set yourself up for success.

if we worked out together, you’d see me rocking these 10 items ..

workout essentials //

1 // 1/4 zip fleece jacket.

2 // athletic tank.

3 // athletic leggings.

4 // bright socks.

5 // reversible sports bra.

6 // jawbone UP fitness tracker.

7 // water bottle.

8 // running shoes.

9 // iPod shuffle. because I must have a good beat to work out. absolute must.

10 // a fashionable bag to carry your gear to the gym.

what motivates you to get your daily workout in?

being healthy for my wedding means much more than just slimming down. it’s also about managing stress, maintaining healthy eating habits, allowing myself occasional indulgences [in moderation], and remaining positive & happy.

let the journey begin …

happy wednesday!

7 thoughts on “workout essentials.”

  1. Great roundup, Chelsea! I need to expand my workout wear. I mostly wear old Threadless t-shirts, but I love that Champion tank from Target!! Ugh! Daily motivation can be hard to muster up, especially during the winter. I guess the main motivation is how I feel. If I notice I’m acting extra crabby or just feeling depressed, I try to figure out why and often the reason is inactivity and then I try to do something. A walk is the easiest and cheapest solution.

    1. thank you katie!! I love going for walks, even when it’s this cold ..fresh air can be a cure-all. I’ve upgraded my workout gear recently. you can get cute workout tanks very inexpensively [ie. target]. or costco!!

  2. I’m right there with you trying to get in the best shape of my life for my wedding. I have a little under 5 months! A destination wedding is definitely great motivation!

  3. you have to get all brand new things when you are starting to work out. I tell that to my hubs all the time.. he’s on to my game. :)

  4. Another great way to utilize leggings is as a layering piece. They can provide the perfect way to wear a sheer dress. Ultimately, leggings have plenty of uses—they just shouldn’t be worn on their own unless you’re planning to work up a sweat. For more, you can also visit this site for more info.

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