about // LLinaBC.com

I started this blog in october of 2010, when my life was on the verge of big changes – graduating college & moving to new york city. I wanted a place to document everything that was happening. after moving to three states in three years ..I couldn’t be more grateful for my little corner of the internet. what began as a way to update to my friends & family is now so much more.

I’m a twenty-six year old. born & raised iowan. who went to the university of iowa, & graduated in 2010. from there I followed my dream [& boyfriend fiancé] to new york city, that’s when the real adventure began. since, life has taken us from NYC to chicago ..and most recently, back to iowa. [where it all started]. des moines, IA to be exact. speaking of boyfriend fiancé, he’s important around here. & makes appearances, frequently. he’s more commonly referred to as [J]. read our {love story}

about // LLinaBC.com

we got engaged on july 21st, 2013. at mount rushmore. read our {engagement story}.

and got married on october 11th, 2014. in the dominican republic. read about our wedding.

you never really know what you’re going to get around here. I stick to one motto – share all of life’s little lessons. and when I say all, I mean everything from how to make coffee cake muffins to decorating above your kitchen cabinets and everything in between.


a few random facts:

  • I have an odd obsession with [brackets]. and constantly use them improperly.
  • love iced coffee.
  • [J] is much better at DIY projects than I. it hurts a little. you can refer to him as mantha stewart, I do.
  • I always have my nails painted. it keeps me from reverting back to old habits; nail biting. ew!
  • I am often caught wondering where [J] & I should move next ..


whatever brought you to my little space .. thank you for visiting!

if you’re new, here’s a couple places to start:

{how I chose NYC}

{the decision to move back west}

{the day we TRIED to move}

{when LLinaBC was born}

{moving to des moines}

stay awhile.

[to get in contact with me: littlelessonsinabigcity@gmail.com].


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