current obsession.

sadly, the moving truck isn’t completely loaded. we’re almost there. is it just me or do you feel like a mild hoarder when faced with the task of putting all of your things in boxes? it seems to go on & on & on. just when I think I’m done, I stumble upon another full drawer.

but [J] & I are taking a break. to watch pretty little liars.

& to bring you my …

current obsessiondes moines bloggers.

I cannot wait to be living in the same city as these ladies. I’m hoping their blogging genius-ness rubs off on me! I’m sure there are many, many more. but ..

meet my four favorite bloggers. of des moines, IA.

ige kristinTBO samSDB kileyand

KG katelyn

now to finish our “packing break” with the season premier of {SMASH}.

tomorrow is moving day!!

have the best night ever all.


5 thoughts on “current obsession.”

  1. I totally understand the hoarder feeling! I never thought it was going to end when we were packin up to put everything in storage! Hope the move went well and you and J are settled in! Can’t wait to see the pictures!

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