life // lawn ornaments c/o

life // lawn ornaments.

and the greatest lawn ornament award goes to ..

a larger than life statue of grant wood’s painting American Gothic. in the middle of a city, no less.

life // lawn ornaments c/o

life // lawn ornaments c/o

I must know more; who built this? why? and how?

I’ll get to the bottom of it, even if I have to knock on their door. and I’ll report back.

in the meantime, we all need to step our lawn ornament game :)

happy wednesday.

5 thoughts on “life // lawn ornaments.”

  1. Interesting…
    I’m hosting a swap that benefits mental health awareness. Stop by and check it out! I hope you think about signing up!
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. Is this off University ave between Waukee/wdm/clive? If so, it is owned by Krouse’s (the family that owns Kum & Go). They are big art collectors :)

  3. “American Gothic” This metal sculpture was a commission project for Krause Gentle Corporation. Created from steel, painted flat black, it is 18′ x 16′ x 6″. Copyright permission granted from Vaga; New York City and the Chicago Art Institute.

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