the destination to our wedding.

[J] + I always knew that we would someday plan our wedding afar. we had envisioned an intimate ceremony on a breathtaking beach. that was the easy part. when we got engaged, we had no idea where to begin. after many intense nights of google searching, we stumbled upon I felt at home there. I was able to search many destinations, a ton of resorts, and get an idea of what a wedding there would look like. we knew we wanted an all-inclusive resort, with many restaurants & activities, family friendly, and somewhat easy to get to from the united states. we went back + forth between the dominican republic + jamaica. but finally settled on punta cana, dominican republic. all because we fell in love with the hard rock hotel & casino.

there are twelve restaurants. everything from hibachi, brick oven-style pizza, a brazilian steakhouse, and so much more. not to mention, every pool has a food menu. and room service is included. six bars + nightclubs.

of course they have an amazing coffee shop, that [J] + I made a habit to stop by daily. and a gelato shop that will make you drool.

the pools are amazing. but the best ones, have swim-up bars. and the ocean is the craziest shades of blue.

but truly, we felt at home. you start seeing familiar faces. the bartenders know your drink order. the waitstaff asks “how are you doing today? like they’ve known you forever. the service is incredible.

I could live there.

[the wedding department at the hard rock punta cana blew my expectations out of the water. I cried saying goodbye + thank you to our coordinator, erika, that I knew for a total of seven days. I felt people bending over backward to ensure we had our dream wedding. and we did, plus so much more].

the destination to our wedding c/o

the destination to our wedding c/o

the destination to our wedding c/o

the destination to our wedding c/o

the destination to our wedding c/o

the destination to our wedding c/o

the destination to our wedding c/o

the guys who delivered our lunch + champagne to us girls while we were getting ready.

the destination to our wedding c/o

the destination to our wedding c/o

the destination to our wedding c/o

the destination to our wedding c/o

take me back ..

what’s your dream wedding look like?

any questions on planning a destination wedding, how [J] + I planned ours, or anything really ..I’m more than happy to answer. or help.

happy friday.

life // pool day essentials.

it’s almost memorial day weekend. and here in iowa that means, the pool is opening!

I don’t know what I have against lounging poolside during the warm summer days, but I rarely ever do it. this year, I’m giving myself no choice. I already packed my bag. as if I was expecting a child, and must rush to the hospital at any unexpected moment. but this is my pool bag. that will remain sitting in our coat closet, ready for that unexpected day that the sun is shining & I am not busy.

my snow white skin needs to be introduced to the sun before it visits the dominican republic. basically I don’t want to be ghostly white or a lobster on my wedding day. please.

life // pool day essentials c/o

what’s in my bag.

bikini top + bottom // the fewer the straps the better. crazy tan lines you’re not my friend.

sunscreen // an absolute must for snow white me.

insulated beverage holder // sometimes it’s for water, sometimes it’s not.

the brightest nail polish you can find // I can get quite bored sitting poolside for hours.

beach towel // make sure you remember this one.

romance novel // because this is the ultimate poolside activity.

beach bag // to carry everything for you.

am I forgetting anything? what’s in your pool/beach bag?

happy thursday.

workout essentials.

the moment a girl gets engaged, she receives the best motivation to get her butt into shape or so I think.

and when [J] & I decided to have a destination wedding [on a beach], that motivation doubled tripled.

I have 8 months to look & feel better than I have ever before. for myself. my wedding dress. and my bikini.

set yourself up for success.

if we worked out together, you’d see me rocking these 10 items ..

workout essentials //

1 // 1/4 zip fleece jacket.

2 // athletic tank.

3 // athletic leggings.

4 // bright socks.

5 // reversible sports bra.

6 // jawbone UP fitness tracker.

7 // water bottle.

8 // running shoes.

9 // iPod shuffle. because I must have a good beat to work out. absolute must.

10 // a fashionable bag to carry your gear to the gym.

what motivates you to get your daily workout in?

being healthy for my wedding means much more than just slimming down. it’s also about managing stress, maintaining healthy eating habits, allowing myself occasional indulgences [in moderation], and remaining positive & happy.

let the journey begin …

happy wednesday!