the week in photos.

happy weekend.

& happy 6 days until thanksgiving!

there’s something about the holiday season that naturally lifts your spirits. hello holiday cheer!

and cheers to one of the last non-holiday-influenced week in photos .. :)

  1. I got new ‘boots with the fur‘. courtesy of my aunt. just in time for the brrrr [I can’t say the w-word, yet].
  2. I took my happy-self to the dollar store & hobby lobby for some DIY supplies. [I’ll be sharing the projects on the blog next week].
  3. my aunt [that got me the boots] ALSO got [J] & I these handy refillable, travel-size perfume bottles. made by travalo. they’re so easy to use!
  4. the finished product: [J]’s cologne is now in a convenient, airport-security-friendly bottle ..and he’s ready to leave for NYC. [my bottle is pink!].
  5. on tuesday night, I made myself a scrumptious cup of hot chocolate. topped with whipped cream & chocolate shavings, of course.
  6. then I looked outside, and saw ..SNOW! ugh.
  7. [J] was in NYC this week, for business. and sent me this shot of him in times square. ahh, I miss it. a little.
  8. AND he brought me back a pint glass from the heartland brewery. which I love, an old date spot of ours :)
  9. HE’S HOME! [you can thank the pink hue to my phone cover].

have an amazing weekend everyone.

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midweek chuckle.

because god knows the mood needs to be lightened up a bit here on planet earth.

that’s all I’ll say about that. now let’s laugh, out loud.

this is…

the animal edition.


we’re starting cute.. just warming up!


oh girl, I know how you feel. we all have our ‘heftier days‘.


this dog looks seriously concerned the eagle blanket won’t be freeing his hostage anytime soon.


#petshaming: I want a pet, so I can shame it. now THAT’S shameful.


it meows funny“.


the cat’s eyes are SO BIG, like it really did get a whiff of something stAnky.


he kind of looks like a masked super hero now.




one more #petshaming for the road.


now a tad bit of important business …

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let’s do this.

happppppy wednesday.