currently ..

I hope you all had the best st. patrick’s day.

I was just happy to have [J] home. its been three weeks. we’re still ‘settling’ into our new place. and have barely explored our new city. so time spent together was well overdue. we didn’t do anything too crazy, but loved every minute of it.

it went a little something like this ..

on saturday, we went downtown des moines; a little parade & green beer celebratin’.

[the sun was really bright].

too bright shot

and a police officer saw us me struggling. so he took the picture for us ..

downtown DSM st pats

green beer page

on sunday, we took a more laid-back approach to the holiday.



[J] steps up his pancake-makin’ game for holidays. mint green chocolate chip pancakes.

then came the fun part.

afternoon tea

a long day/night of organizing.

organization papers

I told you we were still ‘settling’ into our new place.

capping off the night with a trip to the grocery store. oh to be an adult.

how’d you celebrate?!

[I’m working on a new breakfast recipe for the blog. stay tuned].

happy monday all.


‘kiss me I’m Irish’ week: in photos.

I had so much fun this week. for so many reasons.

I did not enjoy the fact that it started off with a snow storm. until I realized it didn’t delay/cancel [J]’s flight to come home. and it prevented my brother from driving back to colorado. so I got [J] & an extra day with my brother! happy camper.

I had a blast with ‘kiss me I’m Irish’ week on LLinaBC: drinking {green beer} & {the irish red} cocktail. eating {mini baked reuben cups}. and doing a {festive manicure}. [I also guest posted on {The Thread Affect}’s blog. an at-home, no-chip manicure tutorial].

[J] & I have created a huge “must purchase” & “must do” list since moving to des moines. he’s been traveling for work quite a bit since our move. so he may have been excited to come home & relax ..but that’s not what he got. insert: projects galore! our apartment is almost complete. and finally feels like home. ahhhhh I’m loving it.

hello ‘the week in photos’.

the machine shed cinnamon rollwe took my brother to breakfast at {The Machine Shed} before he hit the road. and were intrigued by their cinnamon rolls. made my coffee look tiny.

tuesday night

have I ever mentioned ..I love tuesday nights! we got take out & watched my favorite TV shows [pretty little liars & SMASH].


my parents just got back from germany. we got the best souvenirs. beer & steins. thanks mom & dad.

drinking in the morning

[J] drank before noon on wednesday. the things that poor guy has to do. all for my blog.

DIY builders

went to home depot & got our DIY on. oh my goodness – tears came to my eyes when I saw the finished product. [I’ll be sharing the project next week. everyone should have one …I think].

jeff and froyo

when craving sweets, go across the street for frozen yogurt. this could be a problem. but oh so delicious.


I hope you all have the BEST st. patrick’s day weekend.

see you on monday.


no sleep till brooklyn.

I seldom make trips to brooklyn. [my “excuse“: I live one east river, one island of manhattan, and one hudson river away]. But every time I go, I come home thinking “I need to go back soon“. This time was no different ..

I met up with my friend, Ben. who WAS my co-worker & desk neighbor until he left our company a few weeks ago.

we wandered. very entertained by brooklyn, especially williamsburg.

we met up with four of our co-workers/friends for brunch. at a place I have been once before and have had dreams about since ..The Lodge. [two words: tater tots].

[2 for 1 bloody mary’s. & delicious food].

then: we went to full circle bar, home of skee ball fun. which immediately turned into friendly competition.

fun was had by all [except maybe Ben ..hey, someone had to lose] … :)

until next time brooklyn<3