the week in photos.

brief mention: [J] COMES HOME TODAY!!! it’s about dang time. I’m going to go out on a limb & say 8 is my maximum amount of days we I can be separated. if you’re going to be gone longer, you better pack me. sorry I’m not sorry. 

let’s jump right into ..

the week in photos.

[because I, also, have my 3 worst traits to share with you. oh joy].

the week in photos, may 24 //

new ‘love’ bracelet. from LC lauren conrad at kohl’s. {got it here}.

the week in photos, may 24 //

guilty pleasure ..caribou breakfast sandwich. a girl has to indulge, occasionally.

the week in photos, may 24 //

holler for an outdoor rug. I must be getting older, because these type of things excite me? I can’t wait for our balcony to be summer-ready. & shown off. {got it here}.

the week in photos, may 24 //

it’s that time of year ..bright colors & happy heels. [it’s also the “shave your legs & paint your toenails” time of year. just a friendly PSA].


now what you’ve all been waiting for.

{blog every day in may}.

“your top three worst traits”.

sadly, this topic didn’t require too much thought. I’m very in touch with the characteristics I need to improve upon. so here they are ..

#1) indecisive. which is annoying. I don’t like indecisive people. so I’m working hard at this one. folks, there is a fine line between easy going & indecisive. someone make a decision, I’m hungry! [I’ll shut up now, and take my own advice].

#2) vulgar. surprised? I keep it pretty PG on the blog, for the kids & grandparents. but I swear like a trucker, sailor, not a lady “in real life”. although I am happy to report I have a pretty accurate on & off switch. what I’m trying to say is ..I know when to be appropriate. but out drinking with friends, duck & cover. [sorry mom].

quick story: my friend was recapping life now that she’s married. & how her husband rubs off on her, positively. “I swear less,” she said. then I proceed to look directly at [J] and shake my head. that is not the case with us. but on our positive note, we do not swear at each other. that’s a no no. [but I’m not against saying “I effen love you”]. potty mouth.

#3) sarcastic. it’s a part of my charm humor. for the people who get it. I truly mean for it to be funny. not malicious. I do have a filter, and wouldn’t [intentionally] say something hurtful. but when people first meet me, I forget they aren’t familiar with this trait of mine ..and I get myself into some uncomfortable situations. “was that sarcasm?” yeah. awkward laugh & walk away, quickly.

it felt good to get that off my chest.

so now for all of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting me in person, you now know what to expect. an indecisive, swearing like a sailor, sarcastic b*word. who loves to have fun, smiles too much, and has great manners. [I never said I made sense].

have an amazing weekend.



the week in photos.

happy friday all.

last night, [J] & I played in a coed soccer game. I had hoped it wasn’t cancelled because of the rain. then we arrived. the temperature said 37°. the wind took your breath away. it started snowing. and I soon began to regret wanting to play. it was awful. let’s just say, [J] & I went directly to target after our game for icy hot, heating pads, and gatorade.

onto ‘the week in photos’ ..


cozy, carb-filled lunch on a cold, rainy day.


[J] & I finally got reusable caribou coffee cups. we go there so often. we now have beautiful, environmentally-friendly transporters of our coffee. it’s the little things in life.


this was on our way to our soccer game. I thought I was excited.


it looks bright & green. don’t let that fool you. brrrrr!


[J] & I have spent the majority of our morning watching the news. it is absolutely surreal what has/is happening. our thoughts are with boston.



have an amazing weekend.


black friday haul.

I have never once taken part in the black friday maddness. BUT ..I love a good deal. I’m just quickly overwhelmed by mass amounts of people. and I can’t find the motivation to get up at 5AM, to shop.

this all still remains true. but ..

a lot of sales began on wednesday [so I shopped early]. and then, [J] really wanted to join in the friday festivities, all for the love of fun dress socks. seriously! [I know babe, those plain black ones are a bore!]. so we compromised, as any couple must, and went out into the wild ..once the clock struck afternoon! equipped with coffee.

[the second thanksgiving is over, the green & red come out in full force].

we went straight to JCP. for the fun, brightly colored dress socks [J] spotted in their black friday ad. this is what we were greeted with ..

black friday FAIL.

[sorry boo, I know you really wanted $4 socks. but they weren’t worth a 5AM wake-up call. and this made for a much better story].

our day started with a minor setback, but ended happily.

here’s my black [wednesday thru] friday haul.

{betsey johnson}

5 pairs for $10 – steal.

FennWrightManson {similar}/ Tahari {similar}

both tops for $34 – steal.

kensie pajama set {similar}

originally $58, paid $19.99 – steal.

steven by steve madden crossbody bag {here}. in watermelon!

originally $78, paid $29.99 – amazeballs.

now my ..

{heart holiday sweater}/{ruffle tank}/{floral dress}

LC Lauren Conrad {bow studs}

LC Lauren Conrad {black heels}

sheer, lace {holiday dress}

fuchsia {skinny jeans}

what do you think?!

I’m ecstatic. I love every single item. and love even more the deals I got.

no need to worry, TJ MAXX & Kohls had a variety of fun dress socks for [J]. I’m not the only happy camper – he got 9 pairs!

happpppppy monday :)