the week in photos.

happy friday.

[J], our friend – David, & I are ON OUR WAY TO IOWA. [again?? I know …].

we went to des moines a couple weeks ago for our friend’s pre-wedding festivities [as mentioned here] …well this weekend it’s the real deal. time to tie the knot. david & [J] are in the wedding party. and well… I’m just bringing the party… to the dance floor [joking-ish].

as always with our trips to iowa: I can’t wait to see our friends. celebrate. & just be in my home state. [regardless of the fact I am getting real sick of the drive & gas prices]. that’s beside the point, because it’s worth it. last weekend was. & this weekend will be.

so you can assume my blog will be plastered with ridiculous photos on monday. maybe I should consider abstaining from alcohol for awhile? wait – I just found this article. it says if I do, I’ll shorten my life. guess I won’t. [thanks google].

onto the ‘week in photos’ …

during my hometown visit last weekend, I learned how to fishtail braid [via youtube, seriously]. I’m really proud of myself.

also while I was home …

people always say I look identical to my mother. but this photo just goes to show – I get my eyes [or lack thereof] from my father. the second shot is us trying to keep our eyes open while smiling – you get one or the other folks!

on monday night, the guys sat on the couch to watch MNF – bears vs. lions. with beers. while I gladly forced myself on the treadmill ..& watched full house! let’s just say tailgating won this week [per the 8 week challenge] …

[J] & I were desperate for a ‘quick lunch’ ..but needed a healthier option – so, we had trader joe’s sushi. I’ve never had take-out, grocery store sushi before. but from trader joe’s ..I’d do it again!

my weekend manicure …classic black & white.

and last but not least – I mailed my absentee ballot for the presidential election. every vote counts.

that is all.


painted pumpkins.

[J] is practically Martha Stewart. and if he was a female, she’d be out of a job. he’s great, at basically everything: “man” things & crafty things. it’s unfair [I think]. & every christmas season, I challenge him to a gingerbread house competition…

I always lose.

but clearly, never learn my lesson. because I challenged him to a pumpkin painting competition last night. neither of us have EVER painted a pumpkin before, so I thought it’d be “fair“. we gathered supplies – aka a box of trader joe’s wine. and went to town!

[prepped & ready].
[is the most important supply the paint? nope, it’s the wine!]

here’s the process I took on my white chevron pumpkin:

if it looks easy, it’s not. I was pretty sure I’d have another pinterest fail on my hands. but the chevron turned out. then I took it another step, of course

I got an OWL stencil. but common sense was not on my side ..pumpkins are not flat. therefore pretty impossible to use a stencil on. so I had to freehand the owl. grrr! before I unveil the finished product …

here’s a couple shots of [J] mid-competition …

drummmmm rollllllllll please.

the finished products …




[the photos are mediocre at best. the sun had been down for hours by the time we finished last night. so I’m going to take these beauties outside today & re-capture].

how do you like them?

I picked [J] as the winner. he free-handed everything! & his pumpkin looks amazing.

they are both VERY different. his screams “I’m a man & love football” & mine screams “I’m a girl & spend tooooo much time on pinterest“. the important thing is: we had fun!

check it off the fall bucket list!! :)