the day the movers came. [kind of].

[prologue: on Thursday evening, [J] & I got our favorite people together and had a “goodbye/see ya later” party. we are so grateful & blessed to have met such amazing people, who will be lifelong friends. we will miss them all, a lot. it’s not goodbye, just see you later].

so … we were a tad “under the weather” [ahem: hungover] when we woke up friday morning. ugh! good morning moving day, I feel AWFUL. but duty called I had no choice ..

what we woke up to. [so daunting].

what happens when you move 830 miles on Friday the 13th [we found out many unforeseen things issues]:

  • the “movers” [friends of a friend] were late. unforeseen traffic & truck rental problems.
  • the hangover …[self-inflicted, I’m aware].
  • oh and the best, the amount lack of space in the trailer & truck ..

basically ..we filled up the trailer & truck bed in NO time. looked around our apartment, and EFFFF wasn’t empty [which is usually the hope when the movers are filled up]. what happened next went like this:

  • $h!T, %u0k, #%*^, @$#& [oh yeah, a whole slew of profanity].
  • call to cargo van rental co.
  • rent a cargo van for saturday, april 14th.
  • cancel two [extra-leg room] jetblue flights to chicago.
  • come to terms we will be driving 830 miles [vs the original plan: two hour flight].
  • CALL IT A DAY. And we’re off to the W for the night

[J] eating the new freedom tower (WTC building).

hellllllllo W hoboken. & amazing views of the hudson + manhattan from our room.

pre-nap. [hot dang: I told you it was a long day ..]


a bit sad we won’t be moving to chicago via airplane, the original plan. [making 830 miles into 2.5 hours]. BUT “chapter NYC” has been an amazing ADVENTURE, so it’s just necessary for it to go out with a┬ábang!!

today: load up our dang cargo van. “move-out clean” our apartment. wave goodbye. shed a couple inevitable tears. hit the road jack ..we have 830 miles/14 hours to cover.

I loved you New York City. you’ve helped me grow. [& taught me so much].

I will miss you. but …

brrrring on chapter chicago .. :)

the BIG announcement …

I am so happy, excited, ready to announce …


This was not an easily made decision. We had numerous conversations, all filled with reasons why we should move or stay. I mean, I’m just starting to get into my groove here. BUT we couldn’t be happier!! We’ll be closer to our families & friends, while still having the “big city,” and being in a place where both of us can see our futures.

The move is happening in ELEVEN short days.

[us in Chicago FOUR YEARS AGO. now it’s going to be our home!!]


I know very well “iowa meet NYC” is no longer relevant to my next life chapter. So …


Stay tuned … :)

my 24 hours on Broadway.

Friday night, 8:00 PM:


80’s rock. Hollywood.

big hair. leather. rocker tee’s.

Journey. Poison. Bon Jovi. Reo Speedwagon. Mr. Big.

Coors Light cans. classy.


[see for yourself ..Rock of Ages]

Saturday matinee, 2:30 PM:


“And all that jazz”.

lace-y. classy. husband-killing. women.

cell block tango. “they had it comin”.

I want to be Roxie Hart.

“And all that JAZZ..”

That’s two in 24 hours. Now, I only need one more to reach my 2012 goal of “see three Broadway shows“. We weren’t that bored, or desperate to get to 3 shows, it was ‘Broadway Week’ (2 for 1 tickets). [Which, I think, is still expensive. But relative to their actual cost]. Jeff was leaving for a business trip in a couple days, so we jam-packed two in …

And all that jazz ;)