life // easter at home.

I welcome any & all reasons to celebrate. and absolutely adore traditions. so holidays are my jam.

easter is no exception. since [J] & I became roommates [4 years ago], we’ve made a point to spend the day drinking mimosas, baking a breakfast casserole, and indulging in chocolate bunnies. after all, holidays are meant to be spent relaxing & having fun with the ones you love.

actually our first year living together, I was so distraught by the fact that my easter may be sans a chocolate bunny rabbit. so [J] snuck to the store before I woke up and surprised me.  it hasn’t been without since.

it was supposed to rain, but thankfully mother nature had a change of heart. so we dined al fresco, on the patio table [J] built us last year. [with a built-in ice bucket, fit for mimosa ingredients].

life // easter 2014 c/o

life // easter 2014 c/o

life // easter 2014 c/o

life // easter 2014 c/o

life // easter 2014 c/o

and [J] surprised me with an easter basket this year, that I had to scour our apartment for. it was filled with candy, and a vegetable peeler [because I broke ours]. he knows me well, I’m a kid at heart.

hope you all had the greatest easter.

happy Monday!


pamper your heart out.

pamper your heart out //

when you’ve earned it, you’ve earned it.

we all need an evening to be our only concern. where all consuming-thoughts float away. and we are fully concentrated on relaxing.

after an eternity 8 days of moving, I was covered in bumps + bruises and far too tired to take part in every day life. I’d earned a night of pampering. and don’t get me wrong, I love a spa as much as the next girl. but sometimes the act of leaving the house is so daunting, and in this case unnecessary. so I gifted myself a night of pampering in the comfort of my own 4 walls.

the essentials:

• chocolate // hershey’s kisses.

• wine // fadeaway pinot noir. [from trader joe’s].

• clay face mask // boot botanics shine away ionic clay mask.

• nail polish // sally hansen complete salon manicure. [not pictured].

pamper your heart out //

pamper your heart out //

pamper your heart out //

it is also acceptable on this evening to watch the trashiest of reality television. and to dance around in your robe katy perry music. or better 80’s hits.

you deserve it.

have the best tuesday.

[*editor’s note: I will be releasing a photo of me + my clay mask later this evening on instagram. regardless of hesitation & humiliation. along with my feedback on the product].

[*editor’s note, part two: I received the hershey’s kisses + boots botanics clay mask complimentary for testing purposes from influenster].