snowy chicago.

[J] & I spent the weekend in chicago. and it didn’t go quite as planned.

it snowed the entire way, all 6 hours. I have a deep fear of winter driving even from the passenger seat. so that was fun. we made the trip to celebrate christmas with [J]’s parents, but sadly there was a family emergency and we weren’t able to see them. it snowed all day saturday too. but we didn’t let that stop us, we ventured to macy’s & the christkindlmarket [a german christmas market]. and got an early gift, tickets to second city’s show “miracle on wells street“. it was my first comedy show and I absolutely loved it. we did get to visit a few family members & friends. then it snowed our entire drive back to des moines. shoot.

snowy chicago //

snowy chicago //

snowy chicago //

snowy chicago //

snowy chicago //

snowy chicago //

snowy chicago //

snowy chicago //

snowy chicago //

snowy chicago //

snowy chicago //

snowy chicago //

snowy chicago //

snowy chicago //

only 8 days until christmas!

don’t forget to make cookies, drink eggnog, watch at least two eight christmas movies, and enjoy this time.

happy tuesday.


colorado. [part two].

even thinking about colorado, makes me want to start planning another vacation.

what is better than throwing every responsibility out the window, eating whatever you please, and being in awe of your surroundings? vacation.

I made sure to do all of the above while in colorado. we were only there for four days, but we took full advantage. {part one} was all about our ski trip to copper mountain. and [part two] is about everything else, in no particular order.

in awe of the mountains ..

beautiful scenerySONY DSCcan you imagine? I want this.

german gluhwein pagefor the cold nights. so scrumptious. [thank you chicago {christkindlmarket} for the introduction].


all of the christmas gifts my brother received from my parents, were iowa-related. after 5 years, she wants to make sure he remembers where he’s from!

top hatsI think it’s time!!

my aunt introduced us to thee most creative, delicious burger place – called {crave}. I gathered up my parents & [J] ..and off we went.

crave menu

crave menu closeupthe luther: “bacon, cheddar, egg & onion with two glazed donuts as the bun.” WHATTT??

the popperI sure as heck ordered the burger with jalapeno poppers on it. ahhh-mazing! [to say the least].

J's burger

and leave it to [J] to order the “fatty melt“. but I may have forced him to order the gravy on his fries. #foodgasm.

J eating

can you consider yourself a foodie if you have an inability to say no to extremely tasty, high in calorie food ..while on vacation in general? ok, probably not. but regardless, I enjoy it.

let the next vacation planning begin.

[orrrrr: the job search. in a big way.].

happy monday all.


the week in photos.

[J] & I abruptly woke this morning at 4:30AM. boarded our plane. slept soundly the entire flight. and arrived safely in chicago ..all before 9AM.

by the time we got home, I couldn’t keep my eyes open a second longer.

we slept for six hours.

we went out for a bite to eat. & now I am happily in my comfy clothes, in bed, painting my nails, watching law & order. it’s a crazy friday night for me!

but now that I’ve slept + ate ..I can now form enough of a sentence to write ‘the week in photos‘ ..

[I intentionally left out any new york pictures, those will come next week!!]

wk of dec 1 page

  1. can’t hate an afternoon that starts with a chipotle burrito bowl.
  2. fun self-manicure + fingerless gloves. if your nails are pretty & polished, don’t hide them!
  3. [J] & I went to his niece’s 3rd birthday party. and ice skated.
  4. us on the ice. [see more photos of the party on [J]’s blog {two coins}].
  5. the weather has been gorgeous. so, we took full advantage. & headed downtown to the german {christkindlmarket}. holiday pop-up stores galore + scrumptious german food & wine.
  6. [J] drinking glühwein [warm spiced wine] out of a cute, souvenir mug.
  7. the chicago macy’s tree. beautiful.

have an amazing weekend.