all bundled up.

all bundled up //

all bundled up //

all bundled up //

all bundled up //

all bundled up //

when life gives you -12° temperatures [with a “feels like -38º”], you get really bundled up. or you stay inside. I’m sticking with the latter. the weather has been awful. although we’ve not gotten much snow, the low temperatures are enough to cancel schools and keep people indoors.

a chunky, knit infinity scarf is the way to go; it’s on trend + will do it’s job keeping you warm. and thank goodness for embellished + graphic sweatshirts. they’re essential for any cold-weather outfit because they’re comfortable, and they’re fun. also don’t forget to add a little color as to not blend in with the snow.

keep warm!

all bundled up //

happy monday.

get the look.

to unplanned adventures.

the best adventures are the unexpected ones.

and somewhere in the midst of notre dame being destroyed by alabama on monday night, [J]’s brother invited us to join his family on a tour of the {Jelly Belly} factory. the next day in less than 10 hours. and [just so you know] when I’m drinking everything is a good idea. so even with very little sleep & possibly too much drinking ..I woke up excited for our trip!

travel essentialstravel essentials.

take the tour

the main Jelly Belly factory is in Fairfield, CA. but luckily for us, they have a distribution center [with tours ..& free jelly beans] just north of the wisconsin border.

we're ready for the tour

after the tour, we got a bag of complimentarythank youbeans.


& went shopping for our favorites ..

his favorite[J]’s favorite: juicy pear.

my favoritemy favorite: the sours!

us being wildand for good measure ..some snapple mix.

like a kid in a candy storehe was like a kid in a candy store.

just nastyjust WHY??

our shopping basket$17 poorer. a lot of jelly bellies richer.

sorrrrrywe’re really sorry [J]’s dad, but we couldn’t resist. he asked us to bring him a variety. we put together a scrumptious fruity blend. but had to add a little flavor spice with their newest flavor: tabasco. only one, we’re not that mean.

happy birthday to me!did I mention the Jelly Belly factory is conveniently located near an outlet mall? well, it is ..& it was clearly my almost half birthday. thank you [J]. she’s a beauty!

now go enjoy some unplanned fun!

happy wednesday all.


the week in photos.

this is the week we say goodbye to october.

hello to november.

and pray for the east coast.

it’s so hard to believe our first “us place” was in the midst of the wrath.

all the photos on the left are mine. from our jersey city apartment.

then & now





count your blessings.

now onto ‘the week in photos’ …[tryin’ out a new style]

  1. when in doubt – rock black & white. @ the rehearsal dinner in my kardashian kollection polka dot blazer. with a black & white mani.
  2. possible fashion faux pas? but I couldn’t choose. a night out on the town calls for leopard print {steve madden wedges} AND snake skin {white coach bag}.
  3. scrumptious dinner @ japonais. hot rock filet mignon!
  4. did I mention I caught the bouquet?!?!?! :)
  5. taco tuesday. w/ [J].
  6. drinking beer out of a frosty mason jar. I think red hook is going for the christmas look.
  7. I finally got my target beauty bag in the mail. {I love free samples}. how did target know I’m a leopard fan?

tonight is the night – I’ve finally planned my october date [whoops] for [J] & I. a recap will be up on monday. assuming it goes well.

have a great weekend all.