a weekend away.

I happened to go to chicago last weekend for the {simply stylist} event on saturday. but [J] & I stayed until monday. and made a weekend out of it.

[I’m also getting a lot better with carrying my camera around everywhere. so this blog can be covered in beautiful, clear images. not phone photos. whoops!].

chicago wknd // LLinaBC.com

after the event, I changed into comfy-er clothes. and off [J] & I went to the chicago fire soccer game.

chicago wknd // LLinaBC.com

breakfast at {eggy’s}.

chicago wknd // LLinaBC.com

of course, iced coffee.

chicago wknd // LLinaBC.com

helllllllllo [J].

chicago wknd // LLinaBC.com

we were out wandering the city when we realized ..we’re both wearing green denim. very unplanned. had to document.

chicago wknd // LLinaBC.com

we went to the wells street art festival on sunday. and met up with sarah from {the kissing booth}. but didn’t take any pictures together, shame on us.

chicago wknd // LLinaBC.com

lunch at {o’briens}.

chicago wknd // LLinaBC.com


chicago wknd // LLinaBC.com

chicago wknd // LLinaBC.com

chicago wknd // LLinaBC.com

I’m learning how to throw an arm party. the early stages.

chicago wknd // LLinaBC.com

thank you chicago for an amazing weekend.

[and [J]: thank you].

now sadly, I must go take my man to the airport. business calls.

ps: tomorrow is friday!


music festival prep.

there is only one day standing in between me and my first music festival.



this will be me friday, saturday, & sunday.

I downloaded the official lollapalooza app for android + iPhone. [I’ll have my personalized schedule at my finger tips + a map, so the likelihood of me getting lost decreases].

besides the bands playing, what am I most excited about you ask?

people watching + fashion, duh.

I found two sites who spotlight lollapalooza’s 2011 fashion

the good {via marie claire}


the not-so-good, but so much more entertaining {via NBC Chicago}

if you’re only going to click one, click the latter. & be jealous of what I’ll be seeing this weekend. [grrreat people watching material].

thank you lauren conrad: 6 essential festival accessories.

I will be taking your advice. [+ sunscreen].


this will be [J] & I enjoying lolla … :)


can you tell I’m a bit excited for the weekend?

on top of it being my first music festival.. many, many of my friends are traveling long distances to attend. so great music and even better company.

c’mon weekend …

happppppppy wednesday.