fashion // maxi must.

now that the weather is finally making a drastic turn towards the bright side, let’s talk warm weather attire. [as I’m saying this.. it’s 50°, windy, & rainy. ugh]. I am convinced that every woman needs to own at least 3 maxi dresses. absolutely convinced. they’re so versatile, you’d be doing a disservice to yourself by not owning one, or three. throw them on for a quick trip to the store. or add a statement necklace & a bright lip for a date night. not to mention the comfort. do it for yourself.

three reasons why you need a maxi dress. now.

1. to shield your sunburn legs from the previous pool day. [this could be just me].

2. for this kind of morning – “oh no, I am going to be late and my legs aren’t perfectly shaven, but it’s too hot for pants”.

3. I can’t put in the necessary effort to pick out an outfit that matches.

fashion // maxi must c/o

shop my favorites below.

your closet is waiting – go shopping!!

happy thursday.

[it’s date night!!!! we’re super romantic ..$7 beer pitchers & half price boneless wings. clearly it takes a lot to make me happy].

fashion // pajama party.

occasionally the mid-point of the week has you on the downhill slide to friday. but we all have those weeks when getting out of bed feels equivalent to running a marathon [without training].

for those days, like today, let’s daydream about comfy pajamas ..

all under $13.

pajama party //

I need coffee‘ tee. // ‘be nice or you’ll end up on my blog‘ set. // ‘coffee is my lover‘ set. // ‘oui, oui, oui‘ tee.

as if bedtime isn’t splendid enough .. have a glass of hot sleepy-time tea, put on your comfiest pajamas, and read yourself to sleep.

[now that we know exactly where I want to be this hump day ..]

happy wednesday!

cute as a button.

it’s the little things in life.

like, a small investment [insert: under $10 shirt] + an easy DIY [insert: craft store buttons].

and you have yourselves a happy update to your closet.

cute as a button //

out with the old. in with the new.

cute as a button //

cute as a button //

I love shirts with button details. but even more so, if they’re buttons I hand-picked.

all it takes is 30 minutes + a sewing kit.

cute as a button //

it’s a great way to extend the life of the less expensive items in your closet.

happy monday.