the week in photos.

the weekend is upon us.

there’s wine. relaxation. and a lot of reading ahead of me. and while I’m reading, I’m going to pretend I’m laying on a beach, with a strawberry daiquiri in hand. much like the life [J] is living this weekend. why didn’t I sneak into his suitcase?

the week in photos.

airbornechunky chain necklace kind bar not so dainty FB middle eastern pasta salad TJs giraffe cookieLC instagram photo page

  1. every time you turn on the news, all you hear about is the flu. so I made sure [J] was stocked up on {airborne} before boarding the plane. [free samples comin’ in handy].
  2. my “style” can be pretty plain jane. but that just makes it easier for me to accessorize. love this chunky, gold chain from {charming charlie}.
  3. I’m a fan. of kind bars.
  4. my fave part of [J] & I’s {TwoCoins Etsy Shop} is the not-so-dainty stemware collection. & it’s now on {facebook}. woot woot!
  5. while I was at Trader Joe’s satisfying my wine craving, I found this gem of pasta salad: noodles, chickpeas, lemon oregano dressing, & feta cheese. I recommend.
  6. I sure did eat a giraffe cookie.
  7. last week {} liked one of my photos on instagram. as soon as I saw it, I screamed. pretty cool, right? well today .. Lauren Conrad herself [her personal instagram] liked a different photo. DAY MADE!! it’s the little things in life. thanks LC ;)

have the absolute best, most relaxing weekend.


the week in photos.

happy friday.

I hope everyone had a grrreat week. the presidential election has come & gone. we happened to escaped any snow. I discovered [J] can mix a mean cocktail, which I featured on the blog. and then last night, while out, I drunkenly happily had the bartender create us a {peach + apple cosmotini}. it was a good week, you could say.

the week in photos ..

  1. nothing better than a breakfast of fresh fruit. [thanks to iowa girl eats, I purchased & seeded my very own pomegranate. they’re an intimidating fruit].
  2. you know how I love samples – green mountain coffee sent me four kcups to try! [can’t wait to try the wild mountain blueberry].
  3. it may be too cold for iced coffee. or maybe not!
  4. on the night of the presidential election, [J] made me a scrumptious salad & my FIRST peach + apple cosmotini.
  5. the world’s best breakfast [or anytime meal]. yummm!
  6. business meeting over coffee. [hopefully I’ll have some exciting news to announce soon!].
  7. I’m the proud owner of two copper mugs. bring on the moscow mules.

have an amazing weekend all.

the week in photos.

this is the week we say goodbye to october.

hello to november.

and pray for the east coast.

it’s so hard to believe our first “us place” was in the midst of the wrath.

all the photos on the left are mine. from our jersey city apartment.

then & now





count your blessings.

now onto ‘the week in photos’ …[tryin’ out a new style]

  1. when in doubt – rock black & white. @ the rehearsal dinner in my kardashian kollection polka dot blazer. with a black & white mani.
  2. possible fashion faux pas? but I couldn’t choose. a night out on the town calls for leopard print {steve madden wedges} AND snake skin {white coach bag}.
  3. scrumptious dinner @ japonais. hot rock filet mignon!
  4. did I mention I caught the bouquet?!?!?! :)
  5. taco tuesday. w/ [J].
  6. drinking beer out of a frosty mason jar. I think red hook is going for the christmas look.
  7. I finally got my target beauty bag in the mail. {I love free samples}. how did target know I’m a leopard fan?

tonight is the night – I’ve finally planned my october date [whoops] for [J] & I. a recap will be up on monday. assuming it goes well.

have a great weekend all.