the week in photos.

it’s friday! and besides the weather & [J]’s absence ..I had a great week. it was all about disregarding comfort zones. and making big plans for LLinaBC.

speaking of comfort zones – I joined a coed soccer league. our first game is tomorrow. I’m so nervous. I played basically my entire life, including one year in college. then I quit, cold turkey. now after 6 years, I’ve decided to do something crazy. & hope it’s like riding a bike.

[please forgive the lack of editing. my computer is still out of order. these are all straight from my phone]. without further ado …

the week in photos.


I’ve been drinking it all year, but it’s officially iced coffee weather. better enjoyed out of a not-so-dainty beer mug.


my favorite spring color is coral. add a mustache. & you have yourself a pretty fun outfit.


peanut butter banana coffee cake & caribou. in bed.


first attempt at filming a hair tutorial. a huge leap out of my comfort zone. but it’s happening!


my shiny, new soccer cleats. if nothing else, I’ll look like I know what I’m doing.

have the best weekend.

try something new!

big things on the horizon.

hello all.

today is day 3 of blogging on the nook. I still haven’t touched my computer. fear. but besides the lack of a functioning computer – it’s been a great week behind-the-scenes for the blog!

I baked. [recipe will be up on tuesday!].

I filmed a hair tutorial. for soft, easy beach waves. [I’m quite apprehensive about my first video, but I think it’s a ‘must-share’. so I’m going to overcome my fear. it just needs to be heavily edited. I’ll keep you updated].

new photo & video editing software. [which means as soon as I figure it out, or [J] does & teaches me – the images on LLinaBC will be so much prettier! and ..quite possibly the occasional video tutorials].

my mom [former hairstylist/still my hairstylist] is ready to make her debut on the blog. with a ‘DIY hair coloring tutorial’. on my head, of course! [if you have any hair questions send them to me. we’ll put her to worrrk!].


the topics may seem a bit scattered right now, but when I’m inspired by something in my daily life, whether it be coffee cakes or curly hair, I write about it. my goal is to eventually have a schedule-ish, so you have an ‘idea’ of what I’ll be posting each day ..I’m thinking recipe tuesday. bare with me! I am very happy to be growing & building my little blog. we can only go up from here!

on that note – I’d love to hear from all of you! I want to know what you like, what you don’t, what you want more of, or less of.

to each & every person who reads LLinaBC: thank you. every comment, like, & interaction brightens my day. truly.

happy thirsty thursday!

the day my computer said ‘I don’t think so’.

last night my computer may have taken her last breath. I’d know for sure, but I’m too scared to touch her. I’m not prepared to face the possible reality, yet. [thankfully I just backed up everything important. phew!].

in the meantime, I couldn’t be happier to have my lovely little nook tablet. it’s proving to be a lifesaver.

outside the weather cannot decide if it wants to be sunny or rainy. but while it’s working that out ..I’ll be inside, with the windows wide open. with my own decisions: to do or not to do a hair tutorial? and I’m also going to take a stab at baking a coffee cake, with my own twist. of course.


wish me luck. I’m extremely intimidated by baking. & by the thought of a video of me on the blog. it’s a day for disregarding comfort zones.

happy tuesday.

do something crazy!