health // bath time.

lately I’ve had a hard time turning my brain off at night.

to say there is a lot going on would be a severe understatement. 

a nightly lavender epsom salt bath has been my savior. paired with candlelight, a notebook for my thoughts, and [once a week] a clay mask for my face.

health // bath time c/o

health // bath time c/o

health // bath time c/o

[find epsom salt in your grocery store’s bath section or here].

the do’s + don’ts

do: light candles & turn off all artificial light.
don’t: bring your phone with you. [it won’t do well in water & you want to eliminate outside distractions].
do: play soft music or be in silence. whatever is more relaxing for you.
do: 20 minutes of complete + total brain drain. for some that’s eyes closed, silence. for others, its escaping in a book. or maybe, it’s writing out your thoughts. mine is a combination of all three. so find what works for you.
don’t: tell yourself you can’t find time to escape for a few minutes ..

health // bath time c/o

the weekend is nearly upon us. and my first bridal shower. woo hoo.

happy thursday.

mexican quinoa.

when it comes to food cravings, I can skip cake + chocolate with ease. but I will never pass up the chance to indulge in chip & salsa dipping, margarita sipping, and south of the border, spicy cuisine.

but since the new year began my wedding is less than 9 months away, I am making a strong attempt to live a healthier life. full of self-prepared meals, a lot of water, plenty of sleep, and exercise. but I have never been one for dieting. the more I deprive myself of something, the more I want it & the stronger the craving. so I have to find a loophole healthier way to prepare my favorite foods. the easier the better.

mexican quinoa.

mexican quinoa //

cook 1 cup quinoa as instructed by packaging. I prefer to cook it in chicken or vegetable stock instead of water for added flavor. once quinoa is cooked, heat a skillet to medium-low. add quinoa, 1 can [drained & rinsed] black beans, 1 can rotel diced tomatoes & green chilies, and 1/2 cup of diced onions. stir everything happily together. I like to spice it up with a couple dashes of sriracha, black pepper, and possibly a little cayenne.

mexican quinoa //

this recipe makes quite a lot. but don’t fret, you can enjoy it so many ways.

it is a great substitute for spanish rice, as a side dish. or you can roll it up in a tortilla with a little bit of cheese, and call it a taco. smash it between two tortillas, warm in the oven and you have a quesadilla. or my personal favorite ..over lettuce + a few tortilla chips, it’s a meatless taco salad. and so good.

mexican quinoa //

you cannot beat a healthy dish that has a ton of flavor and a variety of ways to eat it.

this getting healthy stuff may not be so bad.

happy tuesday!

the week in photos.

happy friday!

this week was a big one for [J] & I – we ate only home-cooked meals ..all week long. although this shouldn’t be a big feat, it is. crazy what you can do with some groceries in your kitchen. and I don’t know about you ..but I’m loving creating recipes for the blog!

new favorite ingreident mini bell peppers

these sweet mini bell peppers are the greatest thing. officially a staple in my kitchen. cannot get enough.

quinoa breakfast bites

they’re in my {quinoa breakfast bites}. and I may be partial, but these guys are good. if you’re not a sausage fan, substitute for bacon. I’m making more this weekend.

chicken sausage pasta

chicken sausage + kale pasta.

ham & veggie pasta

I had left-over noodles from dinner the night before the next day for lunch, I made warm ham & veggie pasta salad. 

asian inspired dinner

I made mock chicken fried rice for an asian-inspired meal – by cooking quinoa in chicken broth, sauteing veggies [celery, carrots, bell peppers, mushrooms, & kale] in olive & sesame oil. mix quinoa & veggies together have magic.

working out

we even worked out.

what a week.

this weekend we’re putting the final touches on our apartment. we have our first out-of-town guests coming next week. wooooo hoooo! guess the bar cart better be ready!

have the best weekend.