the bar cart.

I’ve been pretty stuck on the “bar cart” idea. after gathering sufficient {inspiration}. and finding this gem of a {cart} from IKEA ..I got to work.





from IKEA: shelf & brackets. under-shelf wine glass holder.

from hobby lobby: over-sized wine glass [used as our cork holder. we save ‘em all].


from {TwoCoins Etsy Shop}: “eat, drink, and be merry” print & frame.


from hobby lobby: over-sized cocktail glass [used as an ice bucket]. whiskey decanter [obsessed]. green vase.

from TJ maxx: bowl for garnishes.

the finished product.


I’m in love.

finding the perfect cart is essential. I couldn’t get enough of the color, price, and adjustable shelves. then the fun begins: stocking your bar. [I really wanted a whiskey decanter. but every time I said “ohh I like that one,” I flipped the price tag to see it was $50+. too much for my blood. the whiskey decanter I found – on sale for $4.00 at hobby lobby. plus it’s blue!]. I’m still searching for the perfect {paper straws} ..they’ll be the cherry on top.

it’s one of my favorite corners in our home.

happy hump day!


the week in photos.

it’s the last day of november.

and surprisingly, I’m ready & excited for december. I spent alllll day yesterday organizing my life [budgets, job search material, etc]. so I am anticipating next month to be very productive & rewarding. [with a lot of hard work, of course].

on the same note – someone tell [J]: november is his date month. and it ends at midnight tonight. he’s rapidly running out of time. [yes, yes I was a little late executing my {october date}, but I think the effort I put in blew away the fact it was two days into november. just saying].

now ..

the last week of november in photos.

  1. it’s so hard [for me] to go to a mexican restaurant and not get a margarita. it was lunchtime. one thing to say: it’s 5 o’clock somewhere folks! [and don’t let a clock tell you when it’s acceptable to enjoy a cocktail. a european would NEVER judge an afternoon boozy beverage].
  2. I forced [J] to accompany me on a late night convenient store adventure. this is what we returned home with. [I don’t normally drink soda OR eat bags of chips. AND I was sober ..must’ve been a full moon?].
  3. tell me what is better than hobby lobby during the holidays? we didn’t get the hat, yet.
  4. quite possibly the beginnings of a christmas photo. to be christmas card. and the best holiday props ever. [also from hobby lobby].
  5. the tree is up, lit, and decorated. [I’ll put a finished product shot up next week].
  6. the perfect desk accessory: a chalkboard, rocking your fav/latest inspirational quote.
  7. over-sized sweaters. accompanied by leopard scarves. my winter staple. [outfit post?].
  8. got three new julep nail polishes. currently wearing: dark purple. with white polka dots on my ring fingers.

enjoy the last day of november.

have a grrrrreat weekend.

see ya in december :)

on the jewelry organizer bandwagon.

DIY jewelry organizer //

if you haven’t noticed, these bad boys are ALLLLL over {pinterest}. everyone is creating their own jewelry organizers. now – I can officially say, I’m a passenger on the bandwagon.

I am in between “permanent residences,” so my jewelry has been living in limbo [along with me]. in boxes, travel bags, etc. well, I put my foot down. took my happy self to hobby lobby. and got “the goods“.

then I just took the glass out of the frame. cut the aluminum sheet to fit perfectly. and it was ready to be adorned with my necklaces, hung by their ornament hooks with care. in hopes they would be more frequently worn. [like how I did that?]


DIY jewelry organizer // with necklaces.

all decked out.

DIY jewelry organizer //

DIY’ing may seem glamorous, but it’s hard work. I took a ‘behind-the-scenes’ photo, just in case you thought differently.

DIY jewelry organizer // and when I’m on a roll, I go with it. [they come so rarely]. so I organized my make-up too. [in an over-sized wine glass. & a mason jar. of course!!].

DIY jewelry organizer // I’d say: a job well done.

DIY jewelry organizer // if you’re one of the very few who have not revamped your jewelry storage – it’s time. if not for the sake of organization ..then for pretty factor. I love waking up & going to my little beauty corner. ahhhh, happiness.

happy thursday.