life // easter at home.

I welcome any & all reasons to celebrate. and absolutely adore traditions. so holidays are my jam.

easter is no exception. since [J] & I became roommates [4 years ago], we’ve made a point to spend the day drinking mimosas, baking a breakfast casserole, and indulging in chocolate bunnies. after all, holidays are meant to be spent relaxing & having fun with the ones you love.

actually our first year living together, I was so distraught by the fact that my easter may be sans a chocolate bunny rabbit. so [J] snuck to the store before I woke up and surprised me.  it hasn’t been without since.

it was supposed to rain, but thankfully mother nature had a change of heart. so we dined al fresco, on the patio table [J] built us last year. [with a built-in ice bucket, fit for mimosa ingredients].

life // easter 2014 c/o

life // easter 2014 c/o

life // easter 2014 c/o

life // easter 2014 c/o

life // easter 2014 c/o

and [J] surprised me with an easter basket this year, that I had to scour our apartment for. it was filled with candy, and a vegetable peeler [because I broke ours]. he knows me well, I’m a kid at heart.

hope you all had the greatest easter.

happy Monday!


valentine’s day.

valentine's day //

happy valentine’s day.

may your hearts be filled with love and your stomachs with chocolate. [and a good glass of wine].

thank you all for the continued support of my little blog. it means so much. if I could, I’d give each of you a cupcake. right now.

[*editor’s note: if you ever find yourself in des moines, IA ..I’ll treat you to coffee or wine & cupcakes].


just when I start to think I’m creative ..

the annual gingerbread house competition rolls around. and brings me right back to square one.

[J] & I have had two prior of said “competitions”. the first year [2009] I had to twist his arm ..and was ready to SQUASH blow him away with my skills. but that didn’t happen. the opposite did. he won. his skills blew me away. I was half sore loser & half just plain impressed.

then came year two [2011]. I had underestimated my competition before, but wouldn’t let that happen again. I was now bringing my A game. or so I thought. until .. I lost AGAIN. hello shot straight to my ego. I’m the girl. I’m supposed to one-up him in the crafty, cooking, artsy departments. but I don’t ..

it’s been a year. and I’m clearly not over my last devastating loss ..

but guess what I was greeted with the other night?

news of a 2012 FAMILY gingerbread house competition.

[with [J]’s family]

shoot me in the foot.

as much as I love holiday activities ..I am not ready to make my humiliation public family-wide.

so, I need a strategy. a “go to”. a floor plan, if you will.

in steps my friend, pinterest ..

gingerbread2 gingerbread3 gingerbread 1{1}/{2}/{3}

I’m also trying to keep in mind the one thing I’ve learned through two failed attempts: don’t buy the candy you want to eat. why? because you’re not buying it to look good on your house. you’re buying it to taste good in your mouth. end of story.

it’s on friday night ..

wish me luck. [& little, to no family humiliation].

I’ll need it.

6 day 'til christmas[& my shopping is finally done. BOOM!]

happy hump day.