the week in photos.

this is the week we say goodbye to october.

hello to november.

and pray for the east coast.

it’s so hard to believe our first “us place” was in the midst of the wrath.

all the photos on the left are mine. from our jersey city apartment.

then & now





count your blessings.

now onto ‘the week in photos’ …[tryin’ out a new style]

  1. when in doubt – rock black & white. @ the rehearsal dinner in my kardashian kollection polka dot blazer. with a black & white mani.
  2. possible fashion faux pas? but I couldn’t choose. a night out on the town calls for leopard print {steve madden wedges} AND snake skin {white coach bag}.
  3. scrumptious dinner @ japonais. hot rock filet mignon!
  4. did I mention I caught the bouquet?!?!?! :)
  5. taco tuesday. w/ [J].
  6. drinking beer out of a frosty mason jar. I think red hook is going for the christmas look.
  7. I finally got my target beauty bag in the mail. {I love free samples}. how did target know I’m a leopard fan?

tonight is the night – I’ve finally planned my october date [whoops] for [J] & I. a recap will be up on monday. assuming it goes well.

have a great weekend all.

my love had a birthday.

for exactly one day [J] & I were age 25 & 26.

and then

the clock struck midnight & he turned into a pumpkin 27 year old :)

I mentioned yesterday, [J] & I’s birthdays are a day apart. it’s always a week [or two] of constant celebration. last year we went to miami for a long birthday weekend of fun in the sun. and this year, there was no jet-setting, but family [both of our families, which was perfect].

[we went to our favorite movie theater. & drank our way through ‘The Campaign‘].

but ..

the actual day went like this …

[it was a ‘no presents‘ birthday, but I couldn’t resist. so, I made him a scrapbook of our time living in NYC. and filled a bag up with a few of his favorite things].

[one of those favorites: a gigantic mountain dew].

[I chauffeured the birthday boy around].

[the goal was to take [J] to Panera for breakfast, but I could not get him out of the house. when I finally did, we got to Panera & he said “we might as well get lunch, it’s 11AM“. ok love, it’s your birthday].

[then he wanted to go to Dick’s Sporting Goods, where we spent approx. 1.5 hours. (& bought nothing). seriously!!].

[we both got complimentary birthday sandwiches. so it was off to which wich for our actual lunch].

then I begged to go to World Market. [J] was reluctant, but was pleasantly surprised ..

[we’re new fans. & I can’t wait to go back].

[his birthday dinner: Bonefish. scrumptious!!]

[& to happily end the night ..a jack daniels honey shot.].

happy birthday [again] lover.


on a more somber note: today is september 11th. it’s hard to believe that tragic day happened 11 years ago. on the 10 year anniversary, [J] & I were living directly across the Hudson River from where the twin towers once stood, in Jersey City. I took a long stroll along the boardwalk that day and snapped a lot of photos. {see the photos: here}.

never forget.

happy birthday america.

[you have to love when a holiday falls on the middle of your week].

happy birthday america. you’re a great place to live. & I’m happy to call you home.


when a holiday rolls around, my go to question: what did I do last year?

well …

[J] & I walked right outside our apartment door. and sat our happy butts right down on the boardwalk, for a spectacular view of the macy’s fireworks display. and the empire state building suited up in its red, white, & blue glory.

[we don’t commonly drink “bud heavy,” but on the 4th, how can you turn down american flag cans? you can’t!]

[on the “jersey side”]

we had an amazing view. that now makes for amazing memories.

now to 2012 …

we WILL be seeing fireworks tonight [somewhere]. unfortunately, they might be us lighting our own sparklers in the backyard. [damn the drought]. but yesterday, we had a preliminary celebration: riding bikes & beachin’ in chicago.

it was great [& scorchin’].

[we rented bikes. & went cruisin’]

[& tried to cool off with popsicles at the beach ..I was turning into a lobster].

boys being boys :)


no matter what you do to celebrate today … enjoy yourselves. wear patriotic colors. remember why we’re celebrating.

[and stay cool].