des moines // summer is half over.

des moines // summer halfway c/o

I cannot stress enough: summer is half over. [and wonder the heck did that happen?]. the season to “squeeze it all in” tends to go by at a much more rapid pace, than say ..winter. but with the wedding mere months away, it’s going by even faster.

we have officially entered “summer bucket list crunch time”.

sadly, below is my updated list. I need to get busy. [and to be fair, I went to the farmer’s market, just didn’t walk away with a breakfast burrito I’m not counting it. I want a breakfast burrito!!].

• visit the downtown farmer’s market. don’t leave without out fresh flowers, a breakfast burrito, and a large iced coffee.

• drink with wild animals. [go to zoo brew].

• go cheer on the iowa cubs. // complete!

dine al fresco at malo. // complete [and so delicious!].

• go to jasper winery for a summer concert series nights.

• have a picnic at saylorville lake.

• take a 20-mile bike ride.

• have our engagement photos taken.

• go to the iowa state fair. [maybe for a concert?].

• visit 5 4 3 [new to me] des moines restaurants. // 2 down: mullet’s + malo [see #3].

• sample beers at a local brewery.

spend the fourth of july out of town. with friends + fireworks. // complete!

• go tent camping. [at least 1 night. and s’mores must be involved].

• attend an art festival.

• read 3 books. preferably poolside.

how are you doing on your bucket list? do you have any tips to maximize your summertime?

happy monday.

travels // red, white, and on the go.

I hope all of you had an amazing holiday weekend. surrounded by friends + family. celebrating with food brats on the grill + budweiser american flag cans. or maybe that was just me.

[J] + I traveled three hours east, to spend the weekend with our friends. this is truly a classic case of time flies too quickly. they came to visit us in des moines last summer, and we’ve been talking about our return visit to see them since. we’ve stopped for dinners [on our trips home from chicago], but that’s not the same. we finally got there. and it was so much fun.

there was a tad lot of flooding as you got closer to the river, but that didn’t stop the baseball stadium from opening it’s doors on the fourth of july. it truly felt like we were on an island. thank goodness for extremely strong flood barriers.

travels // red, white, and on the go c/o

travels // red, white, and on the go.   travels // red, white, and on the go c/o

travels // red, white, and on the go c/o

travels // red, white, and on the go c/o

travels // red, white, and on the go c/o

travels // red, white, and on the go c/o

is it ok that [J] + I’s only independence day tradition is to drink budweiser because of it’s festive holiday cans? I’ll never understand our rhyme or reason, but a tradition is a tradition. and it held strong this year.

what are your fourth of july traditions?

happy tuesday.

stay tuned: a peek at my bridesmaids attire tomorrow!

before you know it, it’ll be winter.


where the heck has summer gone?

it feels like it just began. and we’re already somehow in mid-july.

are you making the most of your summer?

it could be said, I am not.

my summer bucket list, thus far ..

summer bucket list //


I may be relying heavily on my two-week excursion to cross off a large chunk of these items.

and I do have plans to attend the iowa state fair when we return.

how is your summer bucket list going?

please say better than mine.

my goal is to have every single item crossed off by september 1st.

who’s with me?!

happy thursday.

[I’ll be busy prepping camping food, packing my suitcase, & purchasing outdoor gear all day. t-minus 3 days].