the week in photos.

this is the week we say goodbye to october.

hello to november.

and pray for the east coast.

it’s so hard to believe our first “us place” was in the midst of the wrath.

all the photos on the left are mine. from our jersey city apartment.

then & now





count your blessings.

now onto ‘the week in photos’ …[tryin’ out a new style]

  1. when in doubt – rock black & white. @ the rehearsal dinner in my kardashian kollection polka dot blazer. with a black & white mani.
  2. possible fashion faux pas? but I couldn’t choose. a night out on the town calls for leopard print {steve madden wedges} AND snake skin {white coach bag}.
  3. scrumptious dinner @ japonais. hot rock filet mignon!
  4. did I mention I caught the bouquet?!?!?! :)
  5. taco tuesday. w/ [J].
  6. drinking beer out of a frosty mason jar. I think red hook is going for the christmas look.
  7. I finally got my target beauty bag in the mail. {I love free samples}. how did target know I’m a leopard fan?

tonight is the night – I’ve finally planned my october date [whoops] for [J] & I. a recap will be up on monday. assuming it goes well.

have a great weekend all.

I went to sears …

friendly reminder: this is a judge-free zone.

now that that’s out of the way.. I’ll begin.

the other day, while at the mall, I begged to go into Sears. I wanted to take a peek at what the Kardashian Kollection was all about. [what can I say, I’m a curious human]. I drug with me my extremely reluctant companions. I am here to report: I was pleasantly surprised. [& so were they]. not only did many, many pieces catch my eye, BUT I was also greeted with 60-75% off. can’t beat that.

hello new tank top; that is long enough to cover my tush [which I love].

it has a fun back. & comes in yellow too. {in the city cami}

then there was …

blazers. & polka dots. & more deals. oh my!

meet my new black & white {polka dot blazer}. originally $99, got it for less than $40.

[I wore this blazer on my birthday, w/ red jeans. pictures to come!]

also, fun fact about me – I love tee-shirts. I pretty much own every single color of v-neck cotton tee Target has ever produced. & love to live in them! they can be dressed up with a cute blazer, or jewelry, or tucked with a leopard belt.

my point: the kardashian kollection officially produces my new favorite tee.

it’s the {boyfriend hi-lo tee}. I got it in white. but it also comes in green & white, heather grey, and spanish pink. to be honest, it’s a bit out of my “tee shirt” price range, but luckily it was on sale. [$48 vs. $17.49]. not only is it sleep-worthy soft, but it’s shorter in the front & longer in the back. perfect for throwing on with some leggings and you’re ready for the day!

moral of the story – don’t judge a book by it’s TV show ;)


happy thursday evening friends.

I’m twenty-five.

two weeks ago today, I entered the twenty-fifth year of my life.

and it went a little somethin’ like this …

[good morning].

[homemade breakfast, courtesy of [J]. ahhem, rolo pancakes]

[over-sized card].

[free birthday dunkin].

[so we got seconds].

[then he took me to the petting zoo].

[llamas, hawks, & crazy fluffy chickens. oh my!].

[dressed up in my new polka dot blazer].

[time for dinner].

[just because].

[ahi & wine for dinner].

[& for dessert].

and the best part: [J] & I’s birthdays are a day apart. [his august 28th, and mine august 27th]. it makes for an extended period of celebration. so at midnight, I happily handed over my [imaginary] birthday sash.

whoa, twenty-five.

tomorrow on the blog – it’ll be about him & his day!

happy monday.