gift guide: for the host.

it’s nearly the time of year holiday parties begin to consume our nights + weekends. although, you will not hear me complaining about scrumptious cocktails, plentiful food, and amazing company. you do not want to show up empty handed. so for my first gift guide of the year, I’ve dedicated it to the host of the best party you’ll attend this holiday season. or better, to every single one of them because you don’t have a boring party on your calendar. 

gift guide: for the host c/o

• pack a metal beverage tub with your favorite holiday brews. don’t forget to include the skeleton key bottle opener.

• or a serving tray that states it’s “time to drink champagne and dance on the table” with gold stemless flutes.

• how about gifting a night of hot chocolate + gingerbread decorating?

• or make a holiday twist on the classic cheese + wine combo, with warm mulled wine in a festive mug.

happy tuesday.


fashion // fall spectacle.

do you remember when braces were cool? or was that just me? there was a point in my life [around 6th grade], all of my friends had braces. and gosh dang it, I wanted a pair. Luckily, I didn’t have to wish for them too long. at my very next dentist appointment, I was told I had a 30% overbite [which is nearly nothing & practically normal] but it was recommended I get braces. after one fancy colored rubber band change, I was over them. and two years later, threw a party the day the came off!

my point is, I occasionally suffer from “want what you can’t have” syndrome. a large shout out to warby parker for making swoon-worthy eyeglasses. and their fall collection launches today! [see the full collection here].

while I do not wish for my 20/20 vision to vanish, I cannot help but love how stylish they make corrective lens. thank goodness for their sunglasses. and having a fiance who is on board with me dressing up his face spectacles.

but let’s pretend for a minute.

fashion // fall spectacle c/o

 although I am sad to see the summer go so quickly, I cannot wait to dive into sweater + boot season.

boots // mixed-media sweater // jeggings // warby parker’s annette petal tortoise.

you can virtually try the glasses on!!

happy wednesday.

fashion // spring transition.

it’s that lovely time of year, you walk outside unsure if you’re going to be greeted with 50° temps or 80° temps. which can make the day’s outfit selection somewhat tricky. layering is always a good approach. or this top ..

it’s the perfect combination of a cozy knit + a breezy chiffon.

fashion // spring transitions c/o

fashion // spring transitions c/o

fashion // spring transitions c/o

fashion // spring transitions c/o

fashion // spring transitions c/o

knit + chiffon top // boyfriend jeans // floppy hat.

fashion // spring transitions c/o

let’s start this week out on a good foot. or maybe a margarita.

happy monday.

and happy cinco de mayo!