destination wedding.


wedding wednesday //

and we’re going back to the very first decision [J] & I made once we got engaged.


the factors we had to consider:

my family is from iowa.

[J]’s family is from illinois.

as a couple, we’ve lived in new york & chicago.

we now live in the middle of iowa.

our friends are scattered across the country.

oh and we love to travel.

traditionally speaking,  the wedding is held where the bride is from. but I have never claimed to be ‘traditional’. 

we’ve decided ..

we’re updating our passports & having a destination wedding.

I am beyond excited to travel to paradise with our families + close friends. drink fruity cocktails. share amazing meals. relax on the beach. AND GET MARRIED!!

destination wedding //

destination wedding //

if you’re buying a plane ticket to attend a wedding ..would you rather fly to iowa or an island destination?

please do not get me wrong, I love iowa. I grew up here & after 3 years away, I moved back. but .. this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to vacation with our families + closest friends. with the “bonus” of getting married to the love of my life on a beach. doesn’t that sound like a dream?

I’m not giving any specific destination details just yet :)

happy wednesday!