gift guide: for him.

I unknowingly drop hints to [J] all year long about “what I want”. and his mind must be a steel-trap because he always remembers. it’s crazy & unfair. I don’t excel in that department. so when christmas rolls around, I struggle.

to help me and other struggling gift-givers out there, I made a gift guide. for your significant other, your dad, grandfather, father-in-law, brother, best friend, etc!

gift guide: for him. //

1 // nike NFL football jersey. 2 // kenneth cole men’s watch.

3 // mason jar cocktail shaker. 4 // houdini wine aerator.

5 // holiday pullover sweater. 6 // frango chocolates.

7 // shamrock cuff links. 8 // calvin klein cologne.

9 // flannel lounge pants. 10 // TUMI wallet.

11 // beer making kit. 12 // marc anthony dress shirt.

13 // 20 oz travel mug. 14 // anthony bourdain cookbook.

15 // london fog peacoat.

happy tuesday!


the week in photos.

whenever I go out of a town for more than 3 days any length of time, it takes me forever to get back in the groove. especially if the trip ends with a bang [aka a 3AM tow-truck ride home].

we got our car back today, after forking over a pretty penny. but nevertheless, we’re grateful. like I told my mom when she said “you guys are lucky”: yes, we’re lucky. the tire could have gone through the windshield. which I don’t even want to imagine the possible results of that. but on the other hand, we’re unlucky to be the ones who hit the blasted semi tire. it’s all about perspective. [like most things in life].

on a happier note ..let’s do the week in photos.

week in photos, july 12 //

please note that little red party cup, atop a beautiful glass stem on the right – that’s {not-so-dainty stemware}’s newest member to the family. we took it, along with our {grown-up pink lemonade} to the family reunion last weekend. they were [both] a hit.

week in photos, july 12 //

my new {olivia + joy} bag. that I cannot get enough of.

week in photos, july 12 //

it’s the season of green. rocking essie’s ‘shake your $$ maker”. [thanks mom!].

week in photos, july 12 //

this necklace.

week in photos, july 12 //

when I say this to [J], he knows just how much he means to me. so I put it on a chalkboard in our kitchen. spoken like a true romantic.


I have an announcement to make on monday. 

[J] & I are not moving again, not engaged, or pregnant.

[just in case your mind went there].

have an amazing weekend.

and come back, to find out. dun, dun dun ..


the week in photos.

happy march.

that came quickly. have I been living in des moines 3 weeks already? wow. february you’ve been eventful, but you can pack up your snow storm friends and let spring take over. I’m ready.

in the wise words of author gretchen rubin [of {the happiness project}]:

“the days are long, but the years are short.” 

on that lovely note, let me share my last week of february ..

a great moment on the ellen show

if you did not see this moment during the ellen show this week, you need to watch it. she is hysterical. and this is ahh-mazing! see it here: {it’s raining film canisters}.

new coffee sign the happiness project - proofs of love mason jar drinking

happy place the night circus at barnes and noble

I’m loving this month’s book club pick: {the night circus}. I grab a coffee and happily lose myself for hours in this read.

the night circus quote

I think “put effort & energy” means I’m not going to drop a lb [or ten] by just thinking about it. so ..

I’m going to start this month off right. in the gym. 

also, [J] returns from his week-long business trip this afternoon. ohhh happy day! bring on a fun, relaxing weekend with me attached to him [poor guy!]. I’m not crazy ..he leaves again on sunday. a girls gotta take what she can get.

happy friday. hello weekend.

see you monday! for my chicken noodle soup + kale recipe.