’tis the season.

happy december.

you can officially watch christmas movies, crank up jingle bells, and decorate your house without the risk of being “too early” or “skipping over thanksgiving”.

I held off. reluctantly.

so I’m going to share a couple snapshots from my thanksgiving. and then talk about christmas!

thankful // LLinaBC.com

hot apple cider. possibly accompanied by a tiny bit of whiskey.

thankful // LLinaBC.com

grandpa is the designated turkey carver.

thankful // LLinaBC.com

once a year, just for thanksgiving my mom gets out the set of ‘classic car water glasses’. they were left to my dad when my grandfather passed away. it’s a little piece of him we love having at our dinner.

thankful // LLinaBC.com

thankful // LLinaBC.com

post-dinner football watching. with my parent’s sweet, pony-tailed pup.

thankful // LLinaBC.com

then we had a couple visitors in the backyard.


only 23 short days until christmas is upon us. ahhhh.

sunday begun the 25 days of christmas challenge. [J] + I were tasked with “transforming our home with xmas decorations”.

thankful // LLinaBC.com

thankful // LLinaBC.com

thankful // LLinaBC.com

tonight we’re decorating the tree.

join along #LLinaBCHolidayChallenge.

happy monday.


merry christmas!

[J] & I's 2012 Christmas Card.
[J] & I’s 2012 Christmas Card.

[I really wanted new flannel, holiday PJ’s ..so I conjured up this card idea, “from our christmas morning ..to yours!” cute, right? and I got my new PJ’s!].

Merry Christmas!

I hope you have the absolute greatest holiday, to date.

[J] & I are spending today in our PJ’s, at his parent’s house ..with a lot of family, & food. then we’re driving to iowa, meeting my parents ..& heading to colorado. to spend holiday-quality time with my family! for a couple days. [I am lovin’ this “double the holiday fun with two families” stuff].

the mimosas are calling ..