life // easter at home.

I welcome any & all reasons to celebrate. and absolutely adore traditions. so holidays are my jam.

easter is no exception. since [J] & I became roommates [4 years ago], we’ve made a point to spend the day drinking mimosas, baking a breakfast casserole, and indulging in chocolate bunnies. after all, holidays are meant to be spent relaxing & having fun with the ones you love.

actually our first year living together, I was so distraught by the fact that my easter may be sans a chocolate bunny rabbit. so [J] snuck to the store before I woke up and surprised me.  it hasn’t been without since.

it was supposed to rain, but thankfully mother nature had a change of heart. so we dined al fresco, on the patio table [J] built us last year. [with a built-in ice bucket, fit for mimosa ingredients].

life // easter 2014 c/o

life // easter 2014 c/o

life // easter 2014 c/o

life // easter 2014 c/o

life // easter 2014 c/o

and [J] surprised me with an easter basket this year, that I had to scour our apartment for. it was filled with candy, and a vegetable peeler [because I broke ours]. he knows me well, I’m a kid at heart.

hope you all had the greatest easter.

happy Monday!


merry christmas!

[J] & I's 2012 Christmas Card.
[J] & I’s 2012 Christmas Card.

[I really wanted new flannel, holiday PJ’s I conjured up this card idea, “from our christmas morning yours!” cute, right? and I got my new PJ’s!].

Merry Christmas!

I hope you have the absolute greatest holiday, to date.

[J] & I are spending today in our PJ’s, at his parent’s house ..with a lot of family, & food. then we’re driving to iowa, meeting my parents ..& heading to colorado. to spend holiday-quality time with my family! for a couple days. [I am lovin’ this “double the holiday fun with two families” stuff].

the mimosas are calling ..