the ‘new’ means of transportation.

and by ‘new,’ I mean the first & original form of getting around. let me introduce: walking.

oh, you’ve heard of it? in that case, let’s ponder together ..

when [J] & I lived in new york city, we did not own cars. in fact we sold them before moving; and although they can be quite convenient, they’d prove to be more of a burden in the city. [fathom this: I felt bad for people with cars. the traffic, the lack of + high cost of parking, very limited gas stations]. walking & public transportation was how we got around, and I loved it! even in the snow + rain. it was a mile of fresh air & a chance to wake up in the morning. and a mile of unwinding after a long day. I cherished that time. [just a bonus: it doubled as exercise].

so, why is it so crazy to walk in iowa?

actually, I may expand this to include the entire midwest.

lately, I have been opting to walk to work. approximately one mile. and what used to be the norm in my life is suddenly “crazy”. I know there is a slight lifestyle change between des moines, IA & new york city ..but c’mon! people don’t even consider walking as a way to get somewhere. even if it’s a mere mile away.

do you think I’m crazy? or an early adopter? hahaha.

means of transportation //

means of transportation //

plus it helps when the scenery is so gorgeous.

do you opt to walk or drive? and am I the only person who feels this way?

miss you new york.

happy tuesday.


new york city I love you, but ..

{blog every day in may}

“rant about something. get up on your soapbox and tell us how you really feel”.

usually I can find something to rant about. if I dig really deep. but besides [J] being away on business, things are great around here.

but I was reminded yesterday, by {a cup of jo}, just how many pet peeves I had while living in new york city. and thought I’d share.

it has to be because you’re constantly surrounded by mass amounts of people. so there are a lot of opportunities to anger you. and in des moines, we’re, well, a bit more spread out.

now, I add two of my own new york city pet peeves.

#1 – walking the sidewalks of new york is like fish swimming upstream. with a brisk pace. it’s a science. if you stop, for whatever reason, in the flow of traffic will piss off many people, ruin the flow, and maybe get stepped on. it’s easy ..step to the side.

#2 – two words: golf umbrellas. hmmm, are you playing a golf game in the middle of the street in manhattan? no? then are you trying to keep your family of 8 dry? no? then get a dang normal sized umbrella. they’re called golf umbrellas for a reason. and frankly, the sidewalks are not wide enough for your ego umbrella. it’s just not necessary. I’ve been known [in my NYC days] to 1) duck under & pass a golf umbrella or 2) get right under there with them and say “I saw there was room for another”. [I never did the latter, but I’ve thought about it. a lot].

I’m getting flustered just reliving these in my head.

but I miss you new york. with all of your quirks.

happy “we made it to the middle of the week” day.

[only 9 days left in may].




the best souvenirs.

as I mentioned last week, [J] was away on business, for 7 days. he came home for 48 hours. and off he went again ..

he travels frequently for work. it can be sudden, or planned in advance. he could be gone for a week, or a day. it’s really hard to keep up with. but you’d think after two years of living together & his schedule staying consistently inconsistent, I’d be well-adjusted. 


I’d much prefer to travel with him; gallivanting around, while he’s working. unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

for allllll the times it’s not, he brings me back ..

the best souvenirs.

next to traveling myself, I love souvenirs. they’re thoughtful. even if it’s a knickknack you’re going to toss in a drawer, never to be seen again – they say “I was thinking of you while I was away”. it’s the thought that counts people.

what makes the best souvenir: an item that you can bring home and your loved one can experience, as if they were in the city themselves.

a few of my favorites.




they’re all things heavily associated with their city, at least in my mind. what’s more new orleans than hurricanes & cafe du monde? oh, beads. but what the heck would I do with those? decorate our kitchen?

a piece of the city comes home with you. for the person you wished had been there.

[J] the bar is set really high now. but whatever you do, don’t try to sneak the empire state building in your suitcase. TSA is unlikely to let you through. I’d happily settle for the TODAY show cast.

enjoy your tuesday.