the week in photos.

as I was editing the photos for today, I realized they collectively scream “I’m an adult” hence why I don’t have two weeks off for christmas anymore.

now after that stellar introduction ..

week in photos, dec 20 //

it is the ‘best’ feeling when you have a spice-heavy recipe to make and you have ALL the needed spices in your spice rack. I almost always have to purchase something. but folks, I am now an adult.

week in photos, dec 20 //

winter in iowa triggers chili cravings.

week in photos, dec 20 //

I participated in an ornament exchange hosted by a slice of mudpie. for the exchange, I received mandy of mandy’s money blog. after a little “research,” I discovered she loves to bake. so when I found this little guy, I knew it was perfect for her.

week in photos, dec 20 //

she sent me a handful of pretty ornaments.

week in photos, dec 20 //

week in photos, dec 20 //

plus this gem to commemorate [J] & I’s engagement.


christmas is in five short days.

[J] & I are headed to my hometown tomorrow to celebrate with some of my family. we’re doing a white elephant style gift exchange at my aunt & uncle’s, and I cannot wait to steal the sweetest gift from someone. that’s me full of holiday cheer. and tonight, I may ask make [J] bake cookies with me.

what’s in store for your weekend?

happy friday all.