super bowl festivities.

allow me to set the scene ..

I’ve spent a good chunk of the day cleaning my place. the other part pretty much just throwing ingredients into crock pots + bowls. the puppy bowl is on, and I’m trying my darnedest not to get too distracted by the television. there is a party to execute. my goal is to have an abundance of scrumptious food + beverages for my guests, without spending too much time in the kitchen + too much money out of my wallet. the finished product ..

• beer + wine are party staples. you can’t beat trader joe’s for wine; get a red + a white. when it comes to the beer I serve during the super bowl, it’s budweiser products. purely because they have the best commercials. seriously.

• for the signature cocktail, set up a whiskey moscow mule station. your guests can help themselves and you maximize your time spent enjoying the party.

whiskey moscow mules // 3 simple ingredients to a delicious cocktail. a great way to update your traditional moscow mules for the winter months. also a fun signature cocktail when hosting a party, maybe the super bowl? c/o

• appetizers can be tricky, but don’t let them stump you. stick to the classics. it is a football party after all.

10 reasons to host a super bowl party c/o

• for the main course, a sloppy joe bar. it can be hard to cook for a group of people. because chances are their taste buds vary. pick a comfort food staple + offer topping options. let your guests build their own sandwich.

sloppy joe bar c/o

• odds are you will have a few guests that aren’t the biggest football fans, I believe they can be persuaded. offer them a super bowl inspired bingo game board and a bowl of these candy bingo markers ..and you’ve got yourself a fan. need a prize for the winner? how about a 6-pack of a local brew or a whiskey moscow mule kit?

super bowl bingo c/o

now you have the formula for an easily executed super bowl party.

let’s just hope the NFL + the patriots get the deflated ball situation figured out. I’d hate for that to put a damper on my festivities. tom brady must play. if he doesn’t, what will I look at? joke.

and for those of you in denial, february 1st is only a bit over 1 week away.

wedding // bridal shower basket.

if there is one thing I’ve learned through the wedding planning process, it’s that planning a party is no easy task. once you have the large decisions made, there are never-ending details to attack.

as a soon-to-be bride, I have an unbelievable amount of love + support surrounding me. people who are willing to do so much to ensure I get the full “bridal experience”. it’s incredible. and truly eye-opening at just how lucky I am.

so I wanted to say thank you to those amazing people who hosted both of my bridal showers. and what better way than a sweet “party is over! now it’s time for you to relax” basket.

wedding // bridal shower basket c/o

the contents: aloe-infused slippers. / ‘thanks a windmillion’ nail polish. / champagne. / mason jar wine glass [that [J] made]. / chocolate. / bath soap.

in addition to the basket, [J] designed the greatest card to go along with it. [it’ll be posted on LLinaBC’s facebook page later today. it’s a must see].

I made three of these baskets. and do you think I could take the time to photograph them? nope. grrr!

I got the baskets at TJ Maxx. they have a really good selection. so start there.

happy thursday.

pictures from both of my bridal showers coming soon!

let’s fiesta series: DIY napkin flowers.

you're 50. let's fiesta series //

sadly this is the last installment of the “let’s fiesta series” [better known as my mom’s birthday party].

quickly let’s reminisce:

the party recap {here}.

how to make an adult pinata {here}.

DIY photo booth {here}.

party dress {here}.

and today I bring you ..

DIY napkin flowers.

all you need to make them: napkins [in your choice of color]. floral wire. craft sticks. and scissors.

not planning a party any time soon? they also look great on your coffee table. or on a shelf in your office. that’s where you can find them in my house.

happy wednesday!!!

[psssst: this is the first everrrr video on the blog. thank you [J] – it looks great. I can’t wait to do many, many more!!].