travels // chicago weekend.

courtesy of my telephone.

[J] & I packed our bags, loaded up the car, and headed east on friday. destination: Chicago, IL.

we were going to spend time with [J]’s family. and so I could attend his sister’s bridal shower. but whenever we make it to chicago, we cram as much as possible into our two short days. so there were strolls through the city, late night cocktails with friends, and early brunches. let’s just say I slept like a baby last night.

travels // chicago weekend c/o

travels // chicago weekend c/o

travels // chicago weekend c/o

travels // chicago weekend c/o

travels // chicago weekend c/o

travels // chicago weekend c/o

travels // chicago weekend c/o

on our way home, we were quite literally driving into the heart of a massive thunderstorm. dodging tornadoes. not really my cup of tea. then we woke up to snow on the ground. which tends to put a damper on your already ‘monday’ morning. but I’m two cups of coffee in, and have high hopes for this week.

hope you all had the greatest weekend.

happy monday.

’tis the season – for a wedding!

on Friday [J], our friend david, & I made the 5 hour drive from chicago to des moines, IA.

we got caribou. & got comfy. [it was going to be awhile].

[anytime I snapped a photo, david would say “BTS” that shit. hahaha!]

when we arrived in des moines, it was rehearsal time!

after, we headed to Gino’s in west glen, for a scrumptious rehearsal dinner.

the boys were inseparable – just so happy to be together again!

[J], david, & the groom: matt.

and the soon to be newlyweds …


a great part about being in des moines: seeing my aunt! we got to stay with her friday night ..and [J] made best friends with her great pyrenees – phoebe.


then came the big day!

let’s just say, I had my fair share to drink the night before and was exhausted. so for me to get “wedding ready,” I had a long way to go. shout out to – kate @ the small things blog. you’re a lifesaver! I had zero clue what I would do with the hot mess on my head. so I went straight to her blog, picked a hairstyle [“the wrapped bun”], watched the tutorial {here}..and bam – I was ready! [she is truly great. check out her blog!].

at the ceremony …

everything was beautiful.

so, so happy for the two of you.

and now for the party [aka the reception].

[my beautiful friend, Jen & I. thank goodness for her & her husband, Reid for keeping me company while [J] was out doing groomsmen things – THANK YOU BOTH].

the first dance …

the bouquet toss …

[you bet your @$& I CAUGHT THE BOUQUET. hey [J], that means we’re next. wink, wink!].

me & my main man.

the beautiful bride & I.

then the DJ played “I’m too sexy for my shirt” and the groomsmen took it literally …

we had fun, to say the least. but most of all, we were so happy to be celebrating our friends’ marriage with them. we wish you both the best.

[an outfit post featuring my dress coming up this week].

happy tuesday.

the week in photos.

happy friday.

[J], our friend – David, & I are ON OUR WAY TO IOWA. [again?? I know …].

we went to des moines a couple weeks ago for our friend’s pre-wedding festivities [as mentioned here] …well this weekend it’s the real deal. time to tie the knot. david & [J] are in the wedding party. and well… I’m just bringing the party… to the dance floor [joking-ish].

as always with our trips to iowa: I can’t wait to see our friends. celebrate. & just be in my home state. [regardless of the fact I am getting real sick of the drive & gas prices]. that’s beside the point, because it’s worth it. last weekend was. & this weekend will be.

so you can assume my blog will be plastered with ridiculous photos on monday. maybe I should consider abstaining from alcohol for awhile? wait – I just found this article. it says if I do, I’ll shorten my life. guess I won’t. [thanks google].

onto the ‘week in photos’ …

during my hometown visit last weekend, I learned how to fishtail braid [via youtube, seriously]. I’m really proud of myself.

also while I was home …

people always say I look identical to my mother. but this photo just goes to show – I get my eyes [or lack thereof] from my father. the second shot is us trying to keep our eyes open while smiling – you get one or the other folks!

on monday night, the guys sat on the couch to watch MNF – bears vs. lions. with beers. while I gladly forced myself on the treadmill ..& watched full house! let’s just say tailgating won this week [per the 8 week challenge] …

[J] & I were desperate for a ‘quick lunch’ ..but needed a healthier option – so, we had trader joe’s sushi. I’ve never had take-out, grocery store sushi before. but from trader joe’s ..I’d do it again!

my weekend manicure …classic black & white.

and last but not least – I mailed my absentee ballot for the presidential election. every vote counts.

that is all.