life as of late.

oh, hello friday.

do you ever reach the weekend and think ‘oh crap, I have so much to do’?

I’d say .. that’s me.

but I tend to get distracted by lazy, chocolate chip pancake mornings.

do not forget you need to celebrate st. patty’s. maybe [J] can make our pancakes green? or I can make shepherd’s pie.. yum.

I just want to share a couple scenes from my week, c/o my telephone.

1 // my business casual shopping trip to kohl’s. and this bow blouse. [under $20].

bow blouse LC lauren conrad //

2 // [J] + I started the car buying process last week. as in we, began to look. and immediately went for a beer afterwards. it’s not exactly my favorite weekend activity.

the other place //

3 // our master bedroom is coming together. [we still have not hung anything on the walls yet. yikes].

master bedroom //

4 // these ‘just mango slices’ from trader joe’s are my candy. they’re dried mangoes. and I ate the entire package in one day. on accident.

just mango slices //

5 // this sunset scene; captured while drinking a glass of wine on my balcony.

iowa sunset //

have the best day.

and an even better weekend :)

see you monday!

the week in photos.

lately I’ve been happily motivated by the change of seasons. 

although I’ve only crossed off one item from my fall bucket listdrink a pumpkin beer. I’m moving in the right direction. and lucky for [J] ..I have fun plans for us this weekend to tackle a few more items.

here are a couple of gems from my week.

week in photos, oct 4 //

sucker for sunsets.

week in photos, oct 4 //

the beginnings of my favorite fall meal: homemade vegetable soup.

week in photos, oct 4 //

don’t forget the kale.

week in photos, oct 4 //

leftovers for days. literally.

week in photos, oct 4 //

pumpkin ale + a heavenly ‘roasted pear’ candle.


don’t forget: I’m guest judging a chef competition tomorrow, in downtown des moines, IA.

battledish //

if you can’t make it, follow along with me on instagram.

[festivities begin at 1PM].

have the absolute best weekend.


the week in photos.

I’m in shock.

it’s friday. and we leave in TWO DAYS!

at this point, all of my movements are motivated by a to do list. which does not include eating or sleeping, so I’ve been doing very little of that.

on a positive note: we have 5 bottles of sunscreen. & 4 cans of bug spray. also benadryl itch cream, just in case one of us comes in contact with poison ivy.  

basically .. we’re well on our way to our own outdoor survival show. 

before I have a panic attack run off to make another list, let’s do ..

the week in photos.

beautiful iowa sunset.

week in photos, july 19 //

when they think you have food ..

attack mode.

week in photos, july 19 //

when they realize you don’t ..

peace we’re out.

week in photos, july 19 //

week in photos, july 19 //

love my pretty white bib necklace. c/o {capwell + co}.

week in photos, july 19 //

and what you will find me busy doing the next two days .. vacation prep!

week in photos, july 19 //

I’m so excited I can’t sit still.

I’ll talk you all once more before I leave.

happy weekend!!