thaw your turkey.

if you haven’t yet, it’s time to  thaw your turkey. thanksgiving week is officially upon us. if you missed out on the festivities of #LLinaBCvsTurkey, let me recap. and for those of us who don’t think about prepping for the holidays until the week of, here are some suggestions.

thanksgiving wine pairings c/o

wine pairings for thanksgiving that will satisfy all guests.

festive place cards c/o

festive + simple place cards.

thanksgiving tree c/o

and what to do with the place cards once every one finds their seats.

apple cider moscow mules c/o

and if you need vodka, apple cider moscow mules.

get to the grocery store before wednesday. to save your sanity.

happy monday.

tree of thanks.

the other day, I shared an genius easy way to eliminate the “musical chairs” at your thanksgiving feast with these natural place cards. I told you they held a second purpose.

amidst the food + wine, it’s important to remember what brought you all together and to be thankful. so what better than to jot it down.

each person finds there seats just before dinner is served. once you arrive at your seat, each person is kindly instructed to open up their place card and write what they’re thankful for. they can then share and/or hang them on a tree.

If your thanksgiving group [family or friends] gets together annually or every few years’d be fun to hold onto them for the next holiday feast.

tree of thanks c/o

tree of thanks c/o

tree of thanks c/o

tree of thanks c/o

what thanksgiving traditions do you hold dear?

get more ideas for your thanksgiving by following along with #LLinaBCvsTurkey. so far place cards + vodka are important.

festive place cards.

I am a thanksgiving person.

it’s a holiday full of amazing food, great wine, and incredible company. typically being your family. it’s about spending the day morning cooking a scrumptious feast, sitting around the table, and sharing what you’re thankful for.

our thanksgiving tablescapes tend to be on the rustic + natural side. and generally informal. which means when everyone is ready to sit down, there’s a lot of pointing + musical chairs taking place. by adding place cards, your instantly eliminating the “where do I sit” dance. and it looks pretty. but does not have to be a lot of work.

you can go out into your yard [if your yard resembles my parent’s]. or you can go to a local store + spend $5, for a bag of pine cones.

all you need is a printer, paper, twine/string, scissors, and pine cones.

festive place cards c/o

the place cards need to be tents, so they fold open. put a hole punch on the left-hand side and tie a loop.

I’ll show what these place cards turn into later in the week!

festive place cards c/o

festive place cards c/o

festive place cards c/o

it’s #LLinaBCvsTurkey week.

happy monday!