the week in photos.

happy november.

as always, I cannot believe another month has flown by. and sadly, we’re in “acceptable snow weather”. which means as an iowan I am no longer allowed to complain if it snows. because it’s practically winter. on that rather sad note, [I’m not so much a winter person ..unless it’s seen only through a window, while in sweats, under a blanket, drinking a hot drink in front of the fire. or on christmas] let’s reminisce about the month of october.

boom! //

I “styled” my new favorite sweatshirt.

eat local //

I was a guest judge for a local des moines food competition. the food was amazing.

dressing up a tee //

I bought a pair of booties that I love. and rocked them with a tee shirt + blazer.

event: loft grand opening //

I attended the grand opening a LOFT store in iowa.

engagement party //

[J]’s parent’s threw us an engagement party in chicago.

cozy peanut butter popcorn //

made thee most delicious sweet popcorn concoction: cozy peanut butter popcorn.

be my bridesmaid //

[J] & I’s friends said “yes” to being in our wedding party.

pumpkin carving //

we carved + painted pumpkins.

double denim //

I wore double denim.

pumpkin patch //

and we went to pumpkin patch. came home with zero pumpkins, but thankfully 6 apple cider donuts.

have the best weekend.

see you in a couple days!


the week in photos.

I’m in a bit of a panic. we’re one week away from november, and I’m nowhere near done doing all of the fall activities I assigned myself. and to add to my panic, it tried to snow in iowa this weektoo soon! [just in case mother nature cares to know]. hold on winter, please. I have big plans for this weekend; pumpkin patch visits + spiked hot apple cider.

how’s your fall bucket list going?

it’s friday [thank goodness], which excitedly means the week in photos ..

the week in photos, oct 25th //

when [J] & I prepare meals at home, we’re so good. [aka: I’m getting married on a beach in less than a year, better late than never to install some good healthy habits]. but when we go out ..

the week in photos, oct 25th //

beers, burgers + cheese fries.

oh hi, nice to meet you. I’m a work in progress.

the week in photos, oct 25th //

but if it makes up for it, we went for a walk after eating said amazingly delicious “bad for you” meal.

the week in photos, oct 25th //

gallivanting around the state capitol. isn’t it beautiful?

the week in photos, oct 25th //

downtown des moines.

the week in photos, oct 25th //

“99 counties, and a bitch ain’t one I live in one”.

thank you jay-z for the bad joke.

the week in photos, oct 25th //

welcome hot tea weather.

have the best weekend.

do something fall-inspired.

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the week in photos.

so this week I luckily picked up a cold. the kind that inhibits the tasting of food & forces you to carry around a kleenex box wherever you go. rude. thankfully [J] has been beyond gracious in monitoring my medicine & cooking me healthy meals. I am on the mend. and just in time. because ..

[J] & I are on our way to chicago, right now.

for our engagement party.

it still doesn’t feel real.

I’m beyond excited to celebrate with our families + friends. get dressed up. and divulge a couple surprises we’ve had up our sleeves for awhile now. [which I’ll be sharing on the blog too].

but first ..the week in photos.

week in photos, oct 11 //

can’t beat a beer flight // court ave brewing company.

week in photos, oct 11 //

this martini kicked my butt. but it was delicious.

week in photos, oct 11 //

I’m happy when [J] creates our meals.

week in photos, oct 11 //

fall has taken over our apartment. I raided trader joe’s for all of their pumpkin products. love them. [add the pumpkin pie spice to pancake batter!!!!!!!!].

week in photos, oct 11 //

see you soon chicago!

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happy friday all.