thankful //


’tis the week to be thankful.

or rather, the time to reflect + shout from the rooftops what you’re thankful for. and I intend to take full advantage.

let’s start ..

I am thankful for every single person that finds their way to my little corner of the internet, and reads what I have to say each day. I put a lot of thought, time, and effort into each post. and it is a really good feeling to know when it’s well-received. I take pride in my little blog. and it’s important regardless of where it goes, it stays genuine. I gather inspiration from my everyday life; DIY projects you can see hanging on my walls, food recipes I feed my fiance, and clothes you’d find me in if you bumped into me on the street. obviously, I keep it pretty sunny around here. saving the less than blogworthy details of my life, so to speak. not that I don’t want to share [I do]. but someone’s bound to think I’m throwing a pity party. or take it offensively. which is why I’ve been taking notes.

three bloggers that share less-than-sunny details perfectly.

being fired from their dream job. // mish lovin life.

feelings on the week’s top news stories. // the daily tay.

the closing of their favorite place. // hooley with a ‘z’.

they’re an inspiration to me + I’m thankful for them.

along with all of you.

thankful //

┬áif you have tips on how to open up a little more + keep it entertaining ..I’m all ears!

happy thanksgiving week!!

[cocktail recipe tomorrow].


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