BFF greeting card.

there are many, many miles between me + some of my closest friends. it may be a “part of growing up,” but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. although, I do love traveling to see them, the rendezvous must be much more strategic these days. taking into account vacation days, coordinating work + life schedules, travel logistics, and families. I miss the college days, we’d meet on a whim; whether it was to get ready + go out or stay in + drink wine.

I love snail mail. people don’t receive enough happy things in the mail [#bills]. I thought it’d be fun to create a greeting card for my friends afar. by going the DIY route, I can personalize the message + add a fun touch. so that is what I did ..

BFF greeting cards.

BFF greeting cards

BFF greeting cards

BFF greeting cards

BFF greeting cards

BFF greeting cards

I just designed the cards in a word document. I added a wine glass clip art. and for a subtle touch, I let the text go gradually from grey to black moving down the page. for the wine glass, I used mod podge, glitter, & a paint brush. I just filled in the “wine”.

BFF greeting cards

cheers! to pretending we’re drinking wine together right now.

gingerbread house competition.

the first night of our #12daysofLLinaBC countdown, kicked off with a gingerbread house competition. it’s annual + friendly[ish]. and always against the husband. in five years of this little holiday tradition, I’ve won once. seriously. he’s a tough opponent.

we get gingerbread house kits and all the red + green candy our local store carries. and we get serious. but truly, it’s so much fun and messy.

gingerbread house c/o

gingerbread house c/o

gingerbread house c/o

I’ll be sharing our finished gingerbread houses very soon.

yesterday, our #12dayofLLinaBC plan was to go on a holiday lights drive. in des moines, they deck out an entire park with christmas light displays and you drive through in awe. all proceeds go to make-a-wish iowa. well, of course, there was a torrential downpour all day long. which is insanely unheard of for middle of december in iowa. so it was cancelled for the evening. we will get there this week. have you had a chance to take in the lights in your neighborhood?

tonight ..

make a big pot of chili.

happy tuesday!

thaw your turkey.

if you haven’t yet, it’s time to  thaw your turkey. thanksgiving week is officially upon us. if you missed out on the festivities of #LLinaBCvsTurkey, let me recap. and for those of us who don’t think about prepping for the holidays until the week of, here are some suggestions.

thanksgiving wine pairings c/o

wine pairings for thanksgiving that will satisfy all guests.

festive place cards c/o

festive + simple place cards.

thanksgiving tree c/o

and what to do with the place cards once every one finds their seats.

apple cider moscow mules c/o

and if you need vodka, apple cider moscow mules.

get to the grocery store before wednesday. to save your sanity.

happy monday.