life as of late.

oh, hello friday.

do you ever reach the weekend and think ‘oh crap, I have so much to do’?

I’d say .. that’s me.

but I tend to get distracted by lazy, chocolate chip pancake mornings.

do not forget you need to celebrate st. patty’s. maybe [J] can make our pancakes green? or I can make shepherd’s pie.. yum.

I just want to share a couple scenes from my week, c/o my telephone.

1 // my business casual shopping trip to kohl’s. and this bow blouse. [under $20].

bow blouse LC lauren conrad //

2 // [J] + I started the car buying process last week. as in we, began to look. and immediately went for a beer afterwards. it’s not exactly my favorite weekend activity.

the other place //

3 // our master bedroom is coming together. [we still have not hung anything on the walls yet. yikes].

master bedroom //

4 // these ‘just mango slices’ from trader joe’s are my candy. they’re dried mangoes. and I ate the entire package in one day. on accident.

just mango slices //

5 // this sunset scene; captured while drinking a glass of wine on my balcony.

iowa sunset //

have the best day.

and an even better weekend :)

see you monday!

is christmas really over?

I hope you all had the most amazing christmas!

and are spending the day lounging in your flannel pajamas, because you have the day off.

if only christmas was a bit more like thanksgiving, where it always lands on a thursday and people get the next day off. leaving them with 4 full days of celebrating. or we could all pretend we’re still in college and take a month off. because that’s how the holidays should be done.

sadly, it’s not. but on the bright side, it is friday.

all day yesterday I was convinced it was sunday.

[J] + I had arguably the most relaxing and quiet christmas to date. we were not able to spend the day with our families which stunk but we did have our first just us christmas. and it was really nice. [J] even planned + cooked a scrumptious holiday feast.

christmas 2013 //

christmas 2013 //

christmas 2013 //

christmas 2013 //

christmas 2013 //

you had me at loaded mashed potatoes!

christmas 2013 //

christmas 2013 //

[see video of us shooting the champagne cork off our balcony here].

I hope you all have the best of weekends.

and are getting prepped & excited to ring in the new year next week.


the week in photos.

as I was editing the photos for today, I realized they collectively scream “I’m an adult” hence why I don’t have two weeks off for christmas anymore.

now after that stellar introduction ..

week in photos, dec 20 //

it is the ‘best’ feeling when you have a spice-heavy recipe to make and you have ALL the needed spices in your spice rack. I almost always have to purchase something. but folks, I am now an adult.

week in photos, dec 20 //

winter in iowa triggers chili cravings.

week in photos, dec 20 //

I participated in an ornament exchange hosted by a slice of mudpie. for the exchange, I received mandy of mandy’s money blog. after a little “research,” I discovered she loves to bake. so when I found this little guy, I knew it was perfect for her.

week in photos, dec 20 //

she sent me a handful of pretty ornaments.

week in photos, dec 20 //

week in photos, dec 20 //

plus this gem to commemorate [J] & I’s engagement.


christmas is in five short days.

[J] & I are headed to my hometown tomorrow to celebrate with some of my family. we’re doing a white elephant style gift exchange at my aunt & uncle’s, and I cannot wait to steal the sweetest gift from someone. that’s me full of holiday cheer. and tonight, I may ask make [J] bake cookies with me.

what’s in store for your weekend?

happy friday all.