#febphotoAday week 2.

6. dinner

feeling lazy, got [J] & I take-out :)

7. button

packing to go to FL.

8. sun

hello Florida sun & palm trees.

9. front door

10. self portrait

the water ride “Ripsaw Falls” got the best of me. [Islands of Adventure]

11. makes you happy

early anniversary celebration for my parents – to 25 years :)

12. inside your closet

not at home, so my closet is my suitcase. packing up to head back to NYC.

See ya later Florida ..

[preferably when you’re warmer than 35 degrees]

#febphotoAday week 1.

1. your view today

out my window [brooklyn bridge].

2. words

a little excited about spray chalk. [testing 1, 2, 3].

3. hands

 how to show “I’m sleepy” with your hands.

4. a stranger

a stranger, feeding strangers.

5. 10am

biggest loser on kinect workout. [kicks my butt].

Happy [Super Bowl] Sunday.

feb photo a day challenge.

First off all…

 {Happy February}

It seems wrong on many levels we are already beginning the second month of the year. Pretty soon, hello 2013.  [Ok, slight exaggeration]. January was amazing & fast ..from Philadelphia, to San Diego, to visitors, and lazy weeknds. Did I mention – discovering the “january photo a day challenge” in the middle of the month? [thumbs down]. So I refused to miss February. Hello Feb. 1st.

Thank you Chantelle @ Fat Mum Slim for creating these challeneges :)

& Hello photo challenge day 1. “your view today“.

 ..that’s Brooklyn over there.

Not starting out on my most creative foot. But I took this seconds after I found the #FEBphotoAday list. [& my desk isn’t clean/organized enough for a photo opp]. The creativity will ensue ..just you wait. Until tomorrow, check out the #FEBphotoAday challenge. & DO IT :)